anne-girl leaving a trail of body parts
maggots are good for the environment
misstree okay, so i HATE posting links...
but this is too damn good to be true...
especially as a former foam fighter...
go look...
and remove the space in the link
for i am a formatting nazi
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ pumpkin/sets/538104/
log burning fire hilary made a short cartoon called
"joe the zombie," on the g5 with final cut pro.
nom there was a convoy we had to stop at a place to pick some people up our vehicles had zombieproof glass we hit a lot of zombies on the highway it was a mix of hotel rwanda 28 days later and return of the living dead 060627
falling_alone we drove in a truck with a cherry picker 060627
Alphamegamia They're coming to get you, Barbara! 060728
misstree i still shiver and grin whenever i think of that line. 060728
beulahry we married young. we didn’t have a lot of money but it was enough for a small house on the ouskirts of town, right by the cemetery, and that was enough for us. the first night we were there i woke up to a strong odor and scratching coming from the window. outside of it were three zombies. naturally we were pretty worried at first, but eventually it became clear that they were unable to get in, and by morning they were gone. the next night it was the same thing.

it wasn’t the smell, or the constant threat of our brains being eaten, or the noises that woke us up every night that really upset me, though, so much as the constant, unignorable reminder that nothing stays buried.
. it's much easier to ignore
the insane meth and fentanyl zombies
on the streets here
if you yourself
a tech zombie
what's it to you?
who go