packofcrayons i always try to "fuck everyone else, i'm gunna live for myself" but its not that easy 010216
Jimi Hendrix by way of chiidi hey
where you goin'
with that gun in your hand
where you gonna run to now
i heard you shot your woman down
chanaka there are so many joes in the world, but i have learned that no two are alike (thank god). from my experience, joes are good, albeit a little wacky. 010216
Erin I wonder if u are different I think u are, yet so perfect I could lay with u for hours....what will become of us? 010225
Erin I Miss...
Not only your touch
You smile
the way you look at me with that unpredictable face
Your smell that I could live with forever
How I always expect so much more from you and it always comes
How I get a splurge of joy when I picture you here
How you hold me and your warm breath mixing with your cool hands on my neck
How you sing and think i can't quite here you...I can
How I know you care so much even though you are afraid to show it
The way I could be anywhere with you and nothing would matter..
Your spontanious, fun and determined mind
The way you make me feel different than any other girl in the world
How You fufill every dream of mine even when you arent near
How you hide beneath a not so emotional shell yet I know you have lots of deep emotions you want to share with me
I miss not missing you.......
TalviFatin He's the District Manager. He looks like a mole, and we all hate him. He's an asshole from Indiana. Jerk. 010724
nemo there are too many people named joe. my ex is named joe, a guy im dating is named joe, my dads name is joe, my friends cousin is joey, a guy that gave me rides to raves was named joey, that guy that hooked me up good at the party was named joe, the kid they thought was a cop was named joe, oh theres more but i dont think you care. but as long as you get the idea its alright. 010724
! =) 010818
* elliott 010818
Alexander Beetle Nobody calls coffee "joe" anymore. I miss that.

Jesus, listen to me, I sound like I'm eighty fucking years old.
Julie* So I said to joe, Joe you've got to get a new car, cause youre white one's a piece of crap and the pathfinder isnt even yours. 020327
elimeny i dont know what it is, why you hurt me.
i dont know why i let you hurt me.
because i know you didnt intend to.
and it wasnt different from any other night.
except that it was new years.
except that it was our third date.
except that you didnt even look at me.
except that i cried.
except that i felt worthless.
except that it finally hit me that you just. arent. interested.

and i really thought you were.
and im so very sorry for wasting your time.

and im tired joe. im so very tired. i know you dont want to give stuff titles, or whatever it is that you do, or whatever it is that makes you not want to talk about whatever this is, but i dont like stumbling through dark hallways, and thats what you are. one long dark hallway. i never know whats going on in your head, and you never make me feel comfortable enough to ask.

So nevermind. i dont want to bother you.

So just... nevermind.
er is everything over or has this shit just begun 031114
nomatter schmoe 031114
josef At school, the teacher, secretly fearing his conversation was becoming repetitive, sent joe to the headmaster.

"get out of my hair" he said
Hencewhat His name is joe. Hes tall and blond and cute. hes funny and sarcastic and he thinks hes a tough guy. He drives a white camaro. I met him at the train station two years ago on the way to the Korn concert. I have a picture somewhere. then i ran into him again..two years later at a party in bayshore. mild convo, then i never thought anything of it. then like i dont know a month later, i go to another party at the same house, and hes chillin and we start talking and whatnot and yah. Now we be chillin and he knows i wanna mack it, but he just wants it nd im not all about the ass. But he comes through to chill and hes mad cool and he keeps asking me if i wanna chill and just now he was like oh what are you doin tomorow yada yada yada, and then hes like oh you wanna go on a romantic date and hold my hand and have me pay for dinner at a resturant and i was like woah! wtf is this i never thought hed say something like that and i was like nah yo i skip that shit i go straigh to fucking, and he like oh yeah thats what i like to hear or something and i told him i was really kiddin and hes like yeah whatever thats chill you can still hold my hand or something else if you want. im thinking thats mad corney but ehh whatever. THen i told him id talk to him tomorow and he said Ciao. fuckin Ciao. italian! no one speaks italian, ever i dont think anyone has ever said a single fukin word to me in the language ive been taking for like 6 years, plus, talking in onother lang is just so sexy you know italian like ciao bella, and shit and french is all like oh we we mompette shouve. And shit and i dont know hes Joe. 040516
Staind_And_Souless Someone told me about him.
I don't think I liked that.
oldephebe joeseph harris walton

a hero

he saved two lives and gave his own

one of pennsburgs favorite sons

i said as a quirky and somewhat preternaturally wry and sardonic 11 year
"so don't pat my head and tell me every things gonna be okay--'cause it's not..and no don't blame it all books i read or me bein' moody--joe is gone and all of your spun glass candy and your fallacies for the obtuse or congenitally impaired don't me a damn thing--joe's gone and it will never be okay--so just get in your car and drive away--will YOU help momma put in the crops next year? will you catch her black tears, will YOU dry them and make her proud the way Joe did?--Joe's gone and it'll NEVER be okay.."

text taken from "My brother Joe" Copyright 1999, 2001, 2005 by Stan Whyte for "The Autumn Fire CD Project"
lyric me this the guy in fall out boy names joe trohman that no one knows about.

someday, i'm going to write a song called "nobody knows joe" and when joe comes up tp me asking, "is that song about me?" i'll reply, "who are you?"

flowerock the balance between kindness and self preservation. I seem to have aquired a sort of stalker, creeper here at work. Joe. Joe has a shopping cart full of stuff and hangs out here all day and asks or my number over and over... acts very flirty and tries to kiss my hand and climb into the booth to touch my hair. I asked him not to bother me at work and told himthat I'm very happy with my current boyfriend... yesterday security asked him not to bother me at work (theyre really fruendly about it here) and today my coworkers asked the same... he still won t leave so they sent extra employees to hang out with me... i walked to the store in my lunch break and he followed me calling my name... I felt bad but I ignored him, eventually he stopped. what to do? i am trying ti be nice but this has to stop, it s awkward an in the way of my work, plus I have to walk to the bus station (a mile) and he s around that way too... He s not entirely well in the head, i m a little concerned. 140813
niecespieces Out from the rock you pulled me.
Without intention to do so, you have suddenly changed my life.
I dislike the lack of independence I sometimes feel when it comes to controlling my own life direction.
However, I like the fact that you are the one to impact me.

I dream of so much with you.
Of explored strange sexual horizons, followed by reading books with tiny love-filled grins plastered on our faces.
Baking cakes and making fermented foods, listening to obscurities and constantly re-imangining our surroundings. Two strange folk who reflect the beauty in the oddities, ensuring one another is ok to keep on living.
I see old age and small feet, I see laughs and tears, journeys and normal days, depression and support, fear of the world but comfort in our personal place.
I see you forever.
what's it to you?
who go