User24 A lot of people ask me what my style is, what I would class myself as, and it's hard to answer, but I think that unpredictable sums it up quite nicely. 030705
A Viking In Peru It comes as something of a shock to learn that

"unpredictable is alone."
A Viking In Peru Unpredictable is no longer alone. Far from it. 031012
ferret ooh, never attach a label to yourself! 031012
pipedream but how can you explain yourself- even just to yourself- without words? aren't labels just what you perceive them to be?

that said, i will also call myself unpredictable. spontaneous. contradictory. i'm glad i don't have to deal with myself in the sense that im not someone else who has to guess what i'm feeling and thinking and why i'm singing that song on top of that bench, why why why? figuring myself out is enough of a handful; sometimes i just don't think so much about myself because there are some things that make themselves clear in their own time. i believe in hokey things like that.
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