divine madness an instant
instantly gone
gone forever
forever, such as eternity
eternally there
there next to me
me gone
gone for an instant
lost in a void
void of music
colors swirling and moving
moving without a notice
coming towards me elevating me
as the floor disappears and left in an abyss
that appear spontaneously
whitechocolatewalrus [nice:)]

spontaneously combust
Q movement without impetus to a state of lower free energy 050831
ungreat Why do you have to be so fucking spontaneous? seriously. why can't you say hey your sick and i'm not the best boyfriend any way so instead of getting drunk with my friends who just called me, i will stay with you. how come sometimes i get noting out of this? i cook i clean i now pay part of your fucking rent, i buy you groceries, and now i sit on the side lines and get to listen about your awesome night last night. cuz you know i still can't stop thinking about you flirting with one of my best friends. I'm pretty sure i can work up to hating you soon. oh don't you worry your pretty little head about silly things like upsetting me or breaking my heart or ruining anything, because i can be distant and cold and i can take it all back. i still have my heart so you can't break it, i still have my life so you can't ruin it, and i even have my future which you just might not be in. so congrats on being you, and proving just how much i matter time and again. 080729
oren wordstojerkoffto 111105
unhinged spontaneously 200411
unhinged quantum_entanglement

mirror neurons
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