Freak One who labels themselves or claims to be part of a certain group ex: prep, jock, punk, goth...) is nothing more than a poser.

Reason: ok, just think about it. We'll use the term "punk" for the example.

Someone says their punk, so they go out, buy the cloths and accessories and do what they can to live up to the image. That means they are trying to look/act/dress like what they think punk is therefore posing punk.

The only time someone is truely a certain label is when they just claim to be theirselves and are labeled buy other people which could bring up the "incorrect labeling argument" but that is a completely different subject because the only time you could be wrongly labeled is when you are called a whore or something. That kind of labeling is usually done because of someones actions instead of clothing though so its totally different.

The only type of self labeling that is possible is when you would label yourself as loud, quiet, tall, crazy, freaky, opinionated.... because these are characteristics of personality, not personality.
neverisalways the grown-up equivalent of duck duck goose. 031123
factory reject Goodness child you confuse me so.
And may I ask as to what the point of labeling people is?
Does it bring joy to your boring life?
Does it bring happiness to your neglected soul?
And is manila a color or a type of paper? we shall never know
what's it to you?
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