so, okay at times i am
a lot of the times i am
i push my view into the open
with force & a good set of lungs
letting everyone within earshot
know exactly how i feel
there have been moments that
this has proven to be a grand gesture
enlightening others to possibilities
they hadn't yet considered
but today, all it did was
make me squirm in my seat
as i announced in a loud whisper
to her that the gentleman
was rude to rest his bottom on
the partition on which we were
sitting on the other side of
allowing a woman next to us into
our conversation & drawing a
heated blush to my face

copyright 2000
Death of a Rose I'm very surprised that no one else has been here.

This seems like a lively topic.

As long as your convictions in your opinions are genuine.
stork daddy i don't think it is a lively topic. i think you're quite wrong and could definitively prove so with a chalkboard, a pack of trojan magnums, three copies of akira kurosawa's ran, and some fat free cream cheese. 031015
misstree fat free cream cheeze? are you insane, man? that stuff causes cancer just by being near it! think of the babies! (mmm... babies in cream cheeze...) 031015
stork daddy yeah it is disgusting...but it's a vital part of my proof. also, i'm trying to cut down on babies. that way i have more room for toddlers. 031015
misstree better meat proportion... good thinking... harder to fit in the turkey-sized deep friers, though. 031015
stork daddy fried is second best to raw anyways 031015
Christ without the cross I can be opinionated sometimes. It gives me a seemingly close mindedness. That's why i am choosing to minimize my opinions to personal things (for the most part). I may still have some opinions i want to share.

And yeah. I thought that this would be a lively topic too.
what's it to you?
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