BIG B babies are cute but kids suck 010810
ClairE flower



inside you

but moving on
see them at parades
real American

nothing better

dead baby jokes

dead baby
wrings my heart

i was a baby
lycanthrope ugly baby

a year ago my sister got knocked up
which isn't as bad as it sounds.
it gave a nice finite casing to our lives
the baby always needs something,
will, in gestures most people must relearn, take and ask help of everyone.
I'm glad she had the i won't have to for a while.
It all seemed perfect,
until the baby was born.
Then there was a hitch.
It was an ugly baby, and not even lucky enough to be the ugliest baby.
There'd be no TV time for this kid.
He didn't cause gasps...
just the mere desire to look away.
Homely, that's all.
He had all "the" features,
two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears,
all functional...
but so oddly asymmetrical.
A smidgen of this to the right,
that to the left,
and he would've been gorgeous...
but he'd instead fallen out of the ugly tree,
and hit every branch on the way down; at which point the woodland creatures came, slouching possums and racoons, and beat him with the branches, then scurried away when they saw what they'd done.
Or i suppose there could've been a missing twin in that womb who had a future as a prizefighter if it wasn'tfor his disappearance.
Cuz my sister's child showed the scars of that haphazard stability of life that is also sometimes beauty.
Where there's venus,
there's hephaeteus i guess.
And then i had this thought, not once,
but nagging.
It was of that fairy tale, the one about the frog prince,
and the kisses.
And i thought that maybe we could make this boy a prince,
because they have the best shot at becoming kings.
I must've kissed that kid a thousand times,
but he became more beautiful to no one but myself.

Now go wonder about fairy tales,
filled with frogs and happiness,
on the contagious delusional lips of princesses.
(crystal) cube Unencumbered by beauty, he will inherit the kingdom you hope for...
lycanthrope which one? 020303
julietlives those little things that sit in you and suck you dry. basically eating you. damn it feels good to be a woman. 020822
*nat* i want a baby with conditions
it doesnt cry and keep me awake
it doesnt puke
never needs it nappy changing
always sits and plays with toys nicely, but also destroys a little, coz dats fun
pipedream i wish a baby would fall out of the sky right now, a cute giggly little baby wearing babyGap and smelling of johnson's baby powder.
i miss my nephew, he's two years old and likes to draw and show me his squiggles and tell me which line's a chicken and which haphazardly drawn circle is daddy.
jewelZ lets make lots of babies! 030926
misstree likes em deep fried taste good! 030927
skinny whenever im around babies, im always scared ill somehow end up ly it 040624
scott I was born and took what was given now I'm grown and I'd gladly throw it back 041116
emmi "i really like you"

"i like you too"

"let's have babies"
stukadukadush skoooooommphiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 081118
They call me Truth In Darfur a mother watched as her family was hacked to pieces. . . she was pregnant so instead of killing her they cut off her nose, her mouth and her ears. . .she now raises her child alone because her husband could not stand the sight of her. 081119
brownbabymaker i want to have little brown babies. 140101
nr quite a few of my good friends are having them. and it's not that i'm uncomfortable with that (i love playing with my friends' kids), but i don't usually have much to contribute because i don't have that lifestyle.

i used to feel a bit odd about that, but now i feel pretty okay about it. i wonder if they ever wish they were in my shoes.
nr as in... not much to contribute conversationally. yeah. 141011
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