doar for some reason I'm always stopping and giving a ride to the scarey looking stranger at the side of the road.

I've just realized, I didn't actually pick anyone up. It was just myself meeting me.
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olive once i was hitchhiking out of a back-road in rocky mountain national park with my boyfriend of the time.
most of out trip was spend boiling water so we wouldn't get the skitters from drinking straight from the creek, so when we came out of the forest we were thirsty and didn't have much water left. we had found a half drunk energy drink next to a car in the parking lot outside of the park and took it because we were so desperate for hydration. we took a water bottle that was sitting outside of the porter potty too.
we were walking on this dirt road for a good 4 miles. thumbs out when cars passed. backpacks digging into our shoulders. we kept entertained by finding snake skins on the side of the road and tying them to our backpacks. it rained for a little. we were exhausted and needed to get to denver- people have jobs you know. no one pulled over. we scowled at those people. and
we had pretty much excepted the idea that we might have to walk all the way to grant or even to estes park. but then one of those huge bus mobile homes- that probably costs as much as a non-mobile home- pulled over for our outstretched arms:
"hey where you going?"
"estes park."
we got in. it was the kind of thing where they have a big screen tv, a bedroom a sitting room and kitchen all on this bus. and we sat down on plush white sofas and took off our backpacks among the 5 kids that were sitting in the back.
"get them some water!" the woman yelled from the passengers seat.
3 of the kids got up. they went to the refrigerator and got us each a bottle of cold water.
i couldn't stop smiling. never had i appreciated seats and water so much in my fucking life. i sat there the entire 30 minute ride grinning stupidly and savoring the water. i wondered if they thought i was on drugs.

ohhhhhh humanity seems to be doing perfectly well when i hitchhike.
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