bijou s.a.t.'s are tests you take to see how much you learned in high school.

i am sure there is no test i could take that would gauge what i actually did learn.
sweetheart of the song tra bong Right on.

Spent my Saturday morning cramming my future into little black ovals.
optic discretion SAT= Stupid Asian's Time to cheat
Suffering And Torment
SATurday's a coming
Zoe i'm taking the sat 2's tomorrow. i just remembered tonight. i'm not ready... oh well. i don't care. stupid fucking test! 020531
Kate I can call for my scores tomorrow... hopefully nothing less than a 1400. I want a solid 1530 to put on my application to Harvard next year. 021218
you arent your scores there is no statistical relationship between SAT scores and performance in college (which they are supposed to predict). the response to this is "so what Do we use then?". many schools are working on phasing the test out, but the question posed is a hard to answer one. 021218
Kate Too bad the SAT doesn't show your motivation and desire to learn. I have dedication that could drill through the Rockies. 640 math (84 percentile) and 710 verbal (96 percentile), with a not-so-grand total of 1350. 021219
you arent your scores HAHA 021219
Kate 1400 now. 030209
you arent your scores get
sweetheart of the song tra bong While running around Boston, we prep school kids saw a lot of fliers for performances and concerts happening at bars on SAT NIGHT

"That's ridiculous," we said to each other. "Why would you have a show on SAT night? Everyone has to study and sleep, then wake up early and go take the tests."

It took us about a week to figure this one out.
Kate US History-800
ClairE Now that the rush of applying to college is all over, looking back to the SAT's is laced with a humorous tinge. How silly that people place so much importance on one test.

However, the system places the importance on the test. Maybe SAT's aren't an accurate way to assess your future performance/succes, but they ARE a major factor in the whole 'college process'. There's nothing stupid about caring about your scores or trying to improve them. And the thrill of comparing scores is akin to the dumb fast luck of playing roulette. We know it's chance, but we still have our lucky numbers.
Nothing Scores don't say ANYTHING about a person. Does it show they are hard workers? does it show they are good people? does it show they are creative? does it show what they have gone through to get to this point? You maybe able to get a higher "Score" then me, but that will never make you better then me. 031214
falling_alone i came here hoping someone would have a lower score than me...
this has really put a damper on my mood
misstree isnt quite sure what kind of crack shes s i know quite a few people that got extraordinary scores on the ACT, meself included... most of them are working entry level jobs, "wasting their potential"... but i prefer to think that those people are more just turning it in other directions... when the world is processed too finely, madness results...

and indeed, how well someone tests doesn't mean everything... but i'm not going to say that someone who got half my score on the ACT is likely to be as intelligent as i am, and my intellect is a source of pride, but i also don't look down on them in the slightest, especially since, like i said, i'm an entry level whore for The Man whose life is beset by chronic strangeness, and many of my closest friends don't have that particular type of intelligence or quality of education (and i will say that i don't tolerate dumb people very well), but when you graduate high school in the lower 50-75% of your class by GPA and only six people out of 500 either beat or tie your score, well, *puts hands up and does a victory lap around the slacker ring* (i don't get to be prideful about things that don't involve me being a deviant very often).

and lookit me, i'm all smart and stuff, yet i managed to make a paragraph that was all one sentence! (proof that those tests mean nothing. ;)

SO, in the end, bitterness, pride, just best wishes for scoring what you need to get into the college of your choice, and for christ's sakes, APPLY YOURSELF IN COLLEGE. that's what my abnormally swollen brain tells me to tell you. waitressing sucks. construction work sucks, and that's if you can get it. chances are slim that you'll find something you absolutely *love*, but if you look, you can find something you don't mind and might even be vaguely interested in. you wanna assemble cell phone batteries the rest of your life? huh? process insurance claims? throw boxes at UPS? please, use that gift that i lack, and apply yourself! *swoons melodramatically*
vituperus animadvert 040502
beorn took em in december 1210
jsut got my may scores 1330! i love it
kookaburra (thinks of flashing her sat scores to appear smart)
(decides not to)
i've been looking at too long...all of these people getting 1400 plus and saying "ohhhhhhh nooooo what do i do?"
i used to think that i could get into an ivy league college...oh well
rikakire they approach and i am worried

suicide is always a lovely option
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