velvetdesire it's amazing
that i've maintained my
love of literature
through eleven years
of bullshit
i want to sue the
school system
for my parents tax money
(but they have too much
as it is)
Syrope teehee I agree. at governor's school i was in the southern literature class, and the teacher lady was like "wow, you have a really strong vocabulary. have you ever went to private school?" and when i said no she made a big deal about how i was an example that public school's WEREN'T hopeless. I think they are. I just think I read a lot on my own...and I took four years of Latin and read a whole bunch of SAT prep books...but whatever. 020327
girl_jane It'd be nice to have a class in which we did something other than worksheets. 020528
H. L. Mencken "Poetry has done enough when it charms, but prose must also convince." 081130
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