emma de recta non tolerandum sunt! 981230
red insanus es 990415
Rainer Ignorantia legis neminem excusat...this is the only latin sentence I know....and it appears courtesy of The Peanuts. 990415
parsley i like speaking rubbish in latin. it sounds profound but makes no sense. Bova amo. 990628
lokkust in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi and all that other jazz... 991112
Leo Oye como va? 991209
Quintessensual does not equal gaelic ( see mel ). 991216
Quintessensual well, okay, has some relationship with gaelic ( see mel ), and very sweet ones i might add, the irish being very, very lucky indeed that the romans followed their lead in such a perfect way 991216
elimeny my mom is upset or something because Im taking more than two years of latin....she says didnt i take it to help me with other languages? And i szaid yes, but I want to be fluent in it first. Then she says "well there's no where to speak it!" GRRRRR!!!! I hate that. Im just a poor misunderstood Latin student. But I love this language, so there. 991216
wesleann si vales, valeo.
si me amas, me serva.

if you are well, i am well.
if you love me, save me.
WoNDERGIRL Cognito ergo sum.
And that's all I really know.
gregg ferus poeta 000521
st@rk r@ven m@d confutatis maledictis,
flammis acribus addictis

the condemned (damned),
consigned to eternal flames of woe

( i think...)
marjorie my friend used to take latin
and when i was in german class
i would often wonder if he was in latin
and often he was
and i would wonder why i wasn't there
because i really wanted to learn it
but i was swamped with my german and russian and those 6 other classes that tried to trip me up.
zatumushgir Macdonaldus Senex fundum habet.
Et in hoc fundo , nonnullas boves domesticas habet.
Cum moo moo hic,
Cum moo moo ibi.
Hic una moo,
ibi una moo,
ubique una moo moo...
Zatumushgir Margaritas ante porcos...
(Pearls before swine)
Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono fluunt...
(The deepest rivers flow with the least sound)
Quisque comoedus est...
(Everyone's a comedian)
Non plaudite. Modo pecuniam jacite.
(Don't applaude. Just throw money)
Eu, fons vis omnes, lux urrat extra coccum, coligere in manum me!
(Oh, source of all power, light buring beyond crimson, gather your power in my hand!)
Carpe: I) Mammam?
II) Phallum?
III) Diem?
IV) Jugulum?
V) Testiculum?
VI) Cordium?

Veni, veni, vidi, veni, vichi, veni.
(I came, I came, I saw, I came, I conquered, I came)

Pugione sub tunicam habes, aut me videns gaudes?
(Is that a dagger under your tunic or are you just happy to see me?)

Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum.
stupid person ego habeo ingens shlongem. 001117
unhinged i'm in a latin chick death metal band. i play the violin. it's going to be sweet. hahahahahaha 010202
Arwyn de profundis clamo ad te domine..... 020214
User24 Omnis Tuus Castra Sunt Inese Nos
Every One Of Your Castles Are Ours

see All_your_base_are_belong_to_us
carne de metal ego puto in orto meo. 020226
Syrope see Profound 020403
Kate I love Latin!

Esne gravis? (Are you serious?)

Bo Bis Bit! Bimus Bitis BUNT! (Our cheer at OJCL Convention, the endings to the 1st/2nd future conjugation)

Sed totus! (Butthole)

"Ars longa, vita brevis" (Art is Long, Life is Short)

I had a relevation of what to add to a graduation present for a lost friend of mine! I'm writing, on a small white piece of paper, pinned to a handknit black scarf...
"I just hope that one day-
preferably when we're both blind drunk-
we can talk about it"
(from J.D. Salinger's "Franny and Zooey" although I won't attribute it there because he'll know it)

and "Carpe Vitam" ("Seize Life" because I love Latin and he loved "Dead Poets' Society" and that's my way of saying goodbye and may the stars watch over you)
lycanthrope dum spiro spero

while there is breath, there is hope
little wonder i decided i'm going to take latin next year
and i just got really excited about it.
Kate I'm excited for you- I hope you have a great teacher and a great class, and have lots of fun learning the language and speaking it although we all have to think so hard about it because it's hard! And then you can read lots of mythology and the Aenied and do translations about silly things at first because you'll only know 10 words. Like "Britannia est insula" (Britain is an island) and such. 020515
alora lente, lente currite noctis equi... 021003
stork daddy slower slower horses of the night? 021003
touched run slowly... 021003
werewolf and that's why they call him...awwwvid 021004
stork daddy ars longa, vita brevis - hippocrates

oh and a favorite...

difficile est satiram non scribere - juvenal

qoud me nutrit me destruit - traditional
Elzbieta Bella, detesta matrilus

War, the horror of mothers
unhinged stella splendens in monte ut solis radium. miraculis serato exaudi populum.


or something like that
~gez~ callidus consilium.. 021006
~gez~ R

little wonder what the fuck was I thinking, anyway?

I need a tutor.
coldmeshach Um. UM . UM
When the collisy - ums are awaking

One time i'll say bum instead of um and noone will notice.

I sharpened my mechanical pencil into a line of old radio-stations that were taken off the network due to violence. Not the programs.
The stations.

mahdi vikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingsvikingssgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikivsgnikiv

Oi! it's all the same
User24 I saw a website once (back when te internet didn't just mean films, music and blather to me) that listed a whole load of hilarious latin quotes to put on you family crest/business motto/CV/etc

stuff like

ego amo fructus
(I like fruit)

tui amita infervesco
(your aunt is hot)

omnis res videor perscitus a latin
(every thing seems clever in latin)

and so on

(these are really bad translations, by the way, I used
ever conjugating semper ubi sub ubi 030623
jane nihilo sanctum estne? 030623
screwing for virginity i took latin to learn the languadge because it sounded awsome, but the teacher was an idiot and all we did was translate, translate, translate we didnt go over parts of speach, grammer, or anything like that. 030624
spathic just do yourself a favor and never take latin at 8 am...i took it at that time with the same people for a year and i still couldn't tell you who all was in my class. just not a morning person.
anwyays i did pick up some favorite phrases
"satis temporis" means literally satisfaction of time, having enough time.
"quod scripsi scripsi" means what i have written i have written
"admone mi si erro" mean advise me if i err.
oh yeah and as for someone above me you should know that cognito ergo sum would translate as i am in diguise therefore i am, which has interesting implications but it's not what descartes had in mind.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl is one of the GCSE's that i am taking
how fun

Salvius and Quintus and Belimicus and all those other boring people.

Oh and don't forget Cogidubnus.

Cogidubnus mortuus est!

The best fuckin words i ever read in that text book.
Andrew As he said at the nation language honor society inductions,

"There's a big misconception about LATIN and its not being spoken anymore. People need to understand that Spanish and French are just LATIN spoken badly."

to applause
incendia dea ego sum incendia dea

ego postulo cena

ego sum tener veneficus

-random sentences i know
violet strangt carpe noctum!
oh, and ex libris
hsg pietrucha

i'll never let it rest

and i "won't ever change"

what's it to you?
who go