monadh there are so many 010311
nocturnal spanish is the best!!! 010311
mikey i speak Blathernese 010311
monadh I barely know any..but
it has such
I am learning Gaelic
and know a smidgen of French
and German
monadh but sometimes..only sometimes
not even words
will suffice
mikey actions speak louder then words...

words cut deeper then the sharpest knife.

isnt life just one big confusing riddle?
nocturnal um, I'm trying to learn german without actually taking the class. I think I can do it. 010311
monadh and we are pieces in the puzzle
players in a company
actors in a stage of dreams
seekers of the answer
cowardly lions
monadh yes me too..(without taking the class)
I try to learn by experience..
isn't it all though?
Aimee Ich spreche deutsch. Dieses Sommer, wird Ich nach Deutschland fahren. Ich bin ein bisschen nervoes, aber auch sehr sehr gluecklich!!! 010311
Juuitchan French is for diplomacy,
German is for soldiers,
Spanish is for loveers,
and Japanese is for cuteness.
misstree "what do you call someone who speaks two languages?
what do you call someone who speaks three languages?
what do you call someone who speaks one language?
an american."
(recounted by caesar from his european escapades)
z a monoglot 050419
z make different meanings 060210
belly fire we speak a body language together under the covers, deep in dreams or half awake,
we move together like the tides of a small sea, over and back, over and back
curling into each other, wrapping legs, tucking toes
and we speak our language nightly, tumbling out of it's lovely rhythm each morning
only to find it again, wondering how it ever was any other way
violet strangt je parle franglais 060726
.. bliss_symbolics 080924
what's it to you?
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