Shar what blather becomes when entries turn into inside joke discussion boards even though no one has anything to say 000620
Splinken *thppt!* 000620
Brad boo hoo. Blather is for everyone. *thphblttt!!* 000620
Brad oh yeah... copyright 2000 ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©
grendel uh-oh... looks like we're going to have to send a consignment of fist_kittens to bang on Shar's screen door for awhile 000620
Mimi I think that boring is when you have absolutely nothing to do; and boredom just rips at your soul until you can't stand it anymore!! Then you get up off your lazy butt and find something amusing to do!! :) 000623
me Only the boring get bored 010726
blondie to not want to do things because it is not fun 020227
Qazual "Only boring people get bored..." my girlfriend used to tell me this before she broke up with me! I guess I didn't catch on till it was to late... 020721
alora an episode of The_Young_Ones.

"Hands up, who likes me?" --Rik_Mayall
tourist Scraping
While Cutting
Repeating the Action
Applying the Pressure
The Auger Bores
Into the Tormented Stone
Bringing up Layers
Of Long Buried Summers
And Season upon Season
Now Heaved to the surface
Once More Exposed
To the Light
aurora my life is so BORING! Sometimes i wish that i could have an exciting life like those in movies. With lots of adventure, romance, action. Cause i really need a change right now....a change from this routine lifestyle. I need something different to get out of this rut. I don't know what...or how but i just want it. 030103
ferret for 2 years of my life iliterally was bored
i sat in a chair for hours on end
ever bored
never scared
no emotion
then i got to this computer and now i sit in this chair no longer bored
and...... i think i'm a live too
don't know about that one
i don't like being bored
once, my computer was dead so i was home alone and i just sat in the middle of the living room and screamed as loud as i could for a bout 20 seconds.
ummm, yeah.....that's what being bored is.
Whitechocolatewalrus Do you ever get so used to being bored that sometimes when you are not bored, you wish that you were bored? 031106
_ lines kick your ass
all worship the line !!!

ninecat Boredom is the mind's own push for thoughts to make something of themselves. 041203
no reason angry and bitchy. he calls me, says "hi" and then nothing else.
he then asks me if there's something wrong when i don't say much in return.

there's nothing there anymore, it has nothing to do with time or comfort or whateverthecrap. there's no spark, and you bore me.
Incubus best to just get it over with 050519
Me Fuck You 050829
gja blather 070320
Aw-shucks i am totallly BORD.



what is it that i should do with the rest of my life.. ?

i mean how much longer is it going to take me to work that one out.... ?

i feels feeble to be sitting sharpening a pencil in less it has some real impact on the world...

i mean we don't need more commercial design...
these's enough of it and it's sickening...

graphic designers should be responsible as well...
they are a part of the consumer world too...
and the ego ones are so prowd to design for the big brands that use third world labor.

what is it that they want ?
to be recognised as a great designer...?

it's all been done before...
what next... more adverts ... more buying of crap...
more designing for crap.

i can't do that...

no.. i can't... i would never design the next burger packaging for Mc Donalds...
ego brain designers that don't think twice about why and what they are doing.

what am i to do now ?
i'm stuck in a consumer world with no job, stuck in a rutt.

what design work can be done to advantage the world ? not contribute to a one sided one.

what's it to you?
who go