typhoid how do you like your girls, scrambled or over easy?
or maybe hard boiled?
girl_jane I've never tried girls, but I like my boys over-hard, yolks broken. 020226
daisytrail when im finished with em, theres nothing left but a dry husk of skin and bones.

suck the life right outta them.
i see marrow in the bones.
p2 like a little girl
when an ant
crawled up my leg
this is my choice
this is my path
kiss me kiss me kiss me pull
my skin so tight it screams

and screams and screams some more

-[it's torture
and i'm almost there]-
Rhin every scream that ever was, floats around somewhere. i wonder if i could bottle them up and sell them? my cans of scream would end up in every suburban shopping mall. i will wow the food industry with scrumptious new flavors: screamed corn, screamghetti and meatballs, screamich, i scream and screamaroni. ...and if ever there was a scream shortage, well i would just have to hold the first 'scream aid'! there's just a million and one things to do with a scream, not to mention those infamous wet scream contests. how about a weekly series on HBO? scream in the city?

(i'm allowed a temporary loss of grasp on reality on rare occasions...this being one of them.)

scream if you got 'em!
extacy i screamed when i saw your intention
i lied awake at night staring at your face
when it hit the dawn, opened your big brown eyes you said
"you look tired"
i wonder why. . .
baby, fall off the bed
so i can sleep.

isn't it a selfish world after all?
with you in command,
the most selfish robot
a picture of society
a pitiful picture of what we're all becoming

i look at you
and scream.
jio jio 100215
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141204
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