Bill Dear Aunt,

Why does the blather to uncle say the blathe makes no sense?

In my short experience, it seems that it's a rare blathing that makes sense.

Isn't that intended?

I'm told that blathing's about meanings and connnections. Isn't it true that those rarely make sense? Aren't they arbitrary, like random collisions of atoms in a container of gas?

Now I'm confused.
amy blather needs no apologies, as it has proven itself to uphold no rules, to go with the flow, so to speak.

i apologize to my own idealized conception of it, which is people making words, and not as much words exchanged by people.

but i think i'm going to take that spike in my hand and stick it in my backpack.
andrea when my great-great-aunt dies
we'll have to go through
her stifling apartment that is
full of memorobilia from her days
as a congressman's secretary and
receipts from 1974
lotusflower there used to be an "aunt chovy's pizza" at my corner but it got taken over by the oaxan carniceria y panaderia. 000216
birdmad there's an "aunt chilada's" mexican restaurant here.

eek! what terrible wordplay.
amy sigh... it's always been like this.
and it's useless to fight it out here. sorry, guys.
god magnesium proverbs and sobs... 010129
Sintina I became an aunt when I was eight. My sister had her first baby when she was nine-teen. And I helped raise him. I was the only one there to make him do his homework when he was in kindergarten. I put up with his temper tantrums. Once, when we were wrestling, because he was one of those kids that loves to rough-house, I gave him a black eye by accident... and I felt so terrible. My nephew and I are so close. I miss him so much because I don't get to see him that often anymore, it sucks. I love spending time with Anthony. He talks to me and tells me stuff he doesn't tell his mom, I'm glad she's out of school now and has more time to spend with him.
I love him so much. I want to be there for him more... I wonder if he'll forget me and all the time we spent together between the ages 4 and 8.
the late great shel silverstein "a genuine ant eater
the pet man told my dad
turns out it was an aunt-eater
and now my uncle's mad"
the repeater bane for seventeen years i visited my great aunt. i smiled through the pain that was each visit while the odor of age permeated my being. she wasn't mean or rude or an unsavory individual but despite my maturation she continued to treat and talk to me as you would a child. seventeen years. that winter my mom confessed my great aunt had always thought i was retarded...we don't visit anymore.

micky jo I can not wait for my nephew to be older
he will visit
i will send him home with drum sets at seven
exotic pets at nine
dyed hair at twelve
porn at sixteen
pot at seventeen
piercing at eighteen
all because my sister is a snob
and called me trendy when I came out to her
payback is a bitch
and my nephew should be cool
pSyche I am an aunt.
Dear brother, forgive me if I corrupt your children.
unhinged aunts are supposed to corrupt their sibling's children

past so are uncles. *stares in his siblings' general directions* i'm still waiting.

oh well, they'll be waiting longer on me.
delial being an aunt is my favorite. my nieces and nephews notice more about me than anyone else, I'd say. my favorite color... who cares? well, they do.

it's funny how intuitive kids can be. that's probably a big reason why we get along so well together, considering how I never outgrew that intuition myself.

craft there anything better than painting or building things with your nieces or nephews? I don't think so.

yeah...being an aunt. there's nothing else like it.
unhinged yes, my niece and nephew are also childishly and beautifully interested in my life. especially since i live a few states away and they don't see me often. the last time i was home, i was playing with them in the family room and owen looked at me:

'what does your room look like where you stay auntie nicole?'

'it's yellow and has wood floors.'

'like my room. what else do you have in your room? do you have toys in there?'

'kind of. i have my buddhas in there. and flags.'

'boodahs. that's silly.' little giggle and the gorge(ous) dimples pop out.

'no it's not owen. buddha was friends with jesus.'

'he was?'


my mother has always been creative and crafty even since i was a kid. arielle and owen both like to paint and draw with grandma. arielle says she wants to write her own books and draw the pictures. her favorite author/illustrator these days is the guy that did the hungry little catipillar book. anyone know that dude's name?

but god, do i love those beautiful kids. i know i've said it before, but the day arielle was born changed my life. suddenly i saw something bigger and more beautiful than the misery that was my life back then when i held her little/big life in my hands. the love and honesty of children is beyond words. but i have to say, i also enjoy giving them back. i don't know how my sister and brother-in-law do it.
niecespieces You died on Friday.

By coming here I can see that you loved me, though never called me.
By coming here I can see that I loved you, though never called you.

I am sorry for not being a better niece. I am waiting to feel something for myself rather than just for the people around me.
I am bad at grieving.
I am bad at loving.
I am selfish always.
I am bad.

I believe you were a strong woman, and the scent of you that still lays in the clothes uncle gave me will hopefully help keep that strength alive for a little while longer.
Though the scent will fade in time, the impact you had on those hundreds of friends I met today will not. I may have been blood, but I am glad you had a family.

Love you.
flowerock people always made fun of me for prnouncing "aunt" instead of "ant". 140827
flowerock and sorry to hear your aunt passes. it sounds like she had a love filled send off though. 140827
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