unhinged tonight i was on my way to see ivet with my friend kt and we got into a really bad accident in akron. it was snowing. there was a car driving in front of us and semis on either side. the roads were really bad because of the snow. kt hit a slick spot in the road and the car started swerving. she hit the back tires of the semi on the left which spun the car all the way around so that it was facing the totally wrong direction and then the semi on the right hit us head on. i can still see the semi coming right at us before i shut my eyes. when i opened my eyes, the airbag had gone off and i looked at the windshield and it had a bunch of cracks in it. me and kt looked at each other at about the same time and she told me to get out of the car. i couldn't really open the door and i could barely stand because my legs were shaking so bad. a person not involved in the accident, but that had seen the whole thing happen, walked up to me and asked me if i was okay. all that i could feel was this kind of stinging on my chest where the airbag must have hit me. the paramedics came and let us stay in their warm ambulance until the cops came. the cops came and made everyone fill out reports. for awhile i was sitting in the cop car and the trucker that hit us got in the car and was bitching about how he needed to take a drug test now. he didn't ask either of us if we were okay. and then i had to get out of the car and stand outside in the snow for about a half an hour while everyone else filled out reports. i got soaking wet from the snow and very cold. eventually the cops drove us to the station where we waited for two hours for kt's parents to come get us. i have bruises on my legs and on my neck. i should be dead. 010126
Marjorie They happen
Doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy them.
Casey Usually I cause them 010625
kelli crane i know you caused that accident on purpose. 020115
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY its what killed my dad
but technically he lived
for about 8 years after
until he took his own life
he couldnt live confined
to that damn wheel chair
u died 5 years ago
but u really died in the
nomatter It was no accident that I was driving down that wet dark road to get you from work. The fog billowing, covering up that kid on the bike. Funny how one second could change so much. I shouldn't have been smoking. But it's all because I love you. 030905
clementine that i kissed you that night. or maybe you kissed me. that we let it happen. but it wasn't a mistake. i don't regret it. not even that i let it keep happening. maybe we shouldn't have, but it was an accident. no control on our parts. chemistry or alcohol or fate or loneliness- i can't tell anymore. accidents will happen. until that kiss before you left. that was no accident. that was deliberate. that was emotion. that was tears. and me clinging on to your shirt saying not to go to california.
and now that everything isn't accidental anymore i don't know how i feel. in hindsight i realize how amazing we are together. and i just don't want to always wonder what if... what if we turned our accident into something more. and what if there is no such thing as accidents?
falling_alone so since my father doesn't care to help, anyone care to explain what i should to for a laptop screen that now only is half white. 070122
unhinged my neck, shoulder, arm, wrist hurt every fucking day of my life from that accident 150501
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