unhinged it looked like the shadow
of a fingertip
on the inside of my wrist
checking up on them from day to day
as they fade
gradation of flesh
like a whisper of you
continuous ache maybe i should have taken it as some cosmic sign that the only things i had to remember you by were the bruises and the knife that you gave me with that razor sharp edge... 020325
melissah im so young but im feeling so old
as i look at these bruises from black to gold
that go from my arms to my hips and my thighs
i feel a thousand needles and i sigh a thousand sighs
the bruises have faded but theyre still in my head
the bruises run deeper than skin
my soul i cant shed.
-.:.::eric::.:.- And when you start counting, there's too much to count, and it's all repetition,
and what did we do by the way?

the sun could be shining, but all i can see is your black and blue....
melissah my father did bad things to me.

(were you talking to me eric?)
Aimee you can't see them, cause they're hidden. I'm not going to let you see them because you'll just deny you put them there. I try so hard to be perfect for you. But you just don't care. You have other people that are more important. 020811
TalviFatin littering my white pasted flesh
i'm not violent with myself?
be warned, my earthly body is
of no importance...
beating, breaking, bruising
pain holds no urgency
in this bustle of indifference
lend my your jugular
perhaps your life will help
misstree slight pangs from purple and gold
are trophies from uninvited teeth where
scavengers snuck in. no royal blossoms,
these days, no grand designs laid by
combat's heat, grinning at the momentary
numb. no fingerprints where tangled meat
struggled in drowning desperation. no
stumbles, no slips in fairytale flight.
just scavenger's scat on my shoulder,
reminding me how rude
some playmates can be.

(and props to TalviFatin and unhinged, both very nice.)
Death of a Rose the whole upper bicep is covered with one at the moment. a virtual rainbow of colours. 040319
mRe sounds delicious. 040319
deathofarose that's what you get when you the free weight falls off the barbell. 040319
mourninglight your touch leaves only bruises
only shadows

a mild discomfort made home
Farool On my knuckles.

Scars under my eyes.
misstree the only marks on my skin these days
are bags under the eyes
from too many late nights scrying
for a soul in a monitor and
splotchy skin from never ever
feeling life rub up against it.
bye bye, bruises.
there are so many
that say i'm better off without you
that maybe i can figure out
some way for them to be right.
waiting my legs after sex in a car 080701
misstree wait, why do my ribs hurt?
there were athletics, sure but...
oh. the railing. silly me.
i'd forgotten that part.
these days.
gja fading reminders 080702
In_Bloom He saw them the next evening:
Tops of her feet
Insides of knees
Across the neck
The bites on the cheek and belly

First he cried
Then cradled her like a child
Proceeding, he kissed each spot
And made them all over again
Jurisprudence Made in the intensity of gripping limbs
None at fault by meaness
I count up tokens of delicious bites from lips and hips
Yeslek i hit the same spot everytime i fall down the fucking stairs. 091004
unhinged bruised 091006
what's it to you?
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