Shar It's a good song by a band called "Ruth Ruth"
They also sing a song called "I Killed Meg the Prom Queen"
Matt Matt I love that song, Uninvited. It sucks though, because I haven't heard it since Q104.3 in New York changed to classic rock. I wish I could hear it right now. 010717
absent but still present 'listen please don't bring any uninvited guests this time'

i didn't realize we were so exclusive around here and he didn't eat any of your food anyways so chill out.
Icom Simulations Remember the Icom game with that creepy maze, the ghosts, the sudden frights? Something freaky in the old bedroom. The axe tower. Give the little goblin running by a cookie, and ... that game was ten times creepier than today's dull dreck. 060129
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