andrea so I’ve made a friend I feel safe with
from the beginning she’s drawn
me in made me want to know
her because of the unexplainable
way she makes me feel & the
indescribable way she carries
herself I see a strength in here
I want to touch, to obtain a
piece of her for myself something I
have longed to see in the human
form for so long she feels moved
by GOD prompted as she says
& for a while I was wondering
if I was the only on who felt
that way hours & conversations
& notes passed & read aloud only
serve to draw us closer into
a friendship I feel will last
the rest of our lives still there
is so much to learn the friendship
still new enough to be cradled &
taken care of with the utmost

copyright 2000
ethereal who i am.

am i who i want to be.

im so unrealistically real.

i write constantly. or not enough.

music. wind ensemble. symphonic winds. jazz choir. show choir. concert choir. bass clarinet.

writing. journalism. blather. poetry. short stories. rants.

art. theatre. drama. improv. musical theatre.

dance. ballet. tap. jazz. lyrical. character.

spiritually. an element of myself.



ago old. ancient.

trapped in youth.

seeking. unfound.






goes on...

and on...
pete meg is you, dear friend,
dear meg
your life so complex,
your love so sweet,
and your friendship is something to be treasured
your experiences are many,
yes as one aged but within your self
and the music i can hear in your voice
when you sing along with the songs
tells much about you
as does your voice
and your endless plane of stars
that you look up on every night,
and that one most special one
that is missing from that field,
but is found on the west wall
right beside my bed.
to it i say goodnight
and through it to you,
one must have someone to say
goodnight too!
this poetry of mine
right now isn't that sweet of
i am a bit discontented
at my self for some words i used
such as 'lie'
when it was not the best
choice, but the one
that seemed to fit,
i ask for forgiveness
in this unlyrical
piece of poetry,
though i should have in
my email reply
but that is that
and apart from this
and i just realized
how public this is
but i hope you do not mind
this slight intrusion?
music is so much
words so much as well
the forest of meg
is something niether of us
can read straight out,
as we discovered last night
me tripping over my words
and talking with my hands
and you tripping over my words
which some how elegantly flowed
from my hand with my eyes closed
that night not so long ago
though it feels so long..
ahh the star of the west
blue and smooth
that star is
oh so very passionate
distant and near
and open
the friend of many
and the love of a few
are we so old and ancient?
trapped in bodies so young?
can we dream the dreams
of those passed away
like valhall did
of barrada [that is barr(long)ad(short)a, pronounced ba/(rolled)raa/da (stacattoed vowel)]
after she passed away
defending those who took her in
and decomposed into the field
which he tilled
and took the grain
for his winter's sustinence
and took her cells
and encorporated them with his
and dreamed her memory..
that is the life of the ancient
that dwells in us all..
so my friend,
in abstractness we meet
and we meet to see the sun
and stars
and ask them of our lives..
and this writing here
this blathering
is about and to you
and readable by all
who care to know who meg is
which is the wonderful
nature of this

sleep and wake and believe and love
Expand Top 20 Reasons Why Megan should be happy...
1) when she laughs i KNOW she brightens the soul of everyone around her
2) She's had some hard times, but she still has so much love and support to be thankful for.
3) She can find the strength within herself to overcome anything
4) She is beautiful, a beautiful friend, generous, and I'll never forget Boob Shmoobs (who would?)
5) Her amazing ability to love. Especially Ducks.
6) She has many things that can make her smile, no matter what.
7) she is willing to try anything... and that makes her one of the most interesting people i know
8) she helps me... and i try to help her
9)I know that because she made it through last year, she can make it through this
10) She is not one to give up
11) that guy outside the band room the day your mom drove me home, still needs you to teach him to have half of your light, and beauty.(a lesson which you helped me learn... To Love Myself).
12)Giving up means your less able to help... and i know how you'd hate that.
13) I love having you to hold hands with and wait for Jenson. And chew pink bubble gum with.
14)We have so many fun adventures left ahead of us... so many wednesdays
15)You looked so damn good today...
16)Ashley, Lauren, Courtney, Lindsay, Jenson, Pete, Mom and Dad, Family... PEOPLE
17)It's very hard to have fun when your sad
18)I'm always there when you need a hug. Hugs make people feel better
19) I can see inside you, that happy is the way your supposed to be.
20)The love vibes i'm sending you every second, can only make you smile.
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