lion beyond a mere validation of pain...
it is the internalization and acceptance of that pain.

i hope you can... i really do.
girl for you.
because i love you.
because we cant change the past.
because we cant live in the past.
because i know you didnt mean it.
because i know it wont happen again.
because i know you.
i forgive you
i adore you
forgive yourself
jupiter the world need much more than this 000401
silentbob let if fucking go why dont you? 000606
kaskarkaminski through nothing else do we grow so much. 000804
Nerbus Maximus arriving at the point when you turn to someone and say...
You did what? I don't remember that at all
tonie question: if someone gives you a gift but you do not accept it... to whom does the gift belong?
answer: it still belongs to the person who tried to give it to you.
so: when someone tries to insult you, hurt you, change you, steal you away from Truth...
forgive them.
by your not accepting their lies, insults, and harm... they still belong to them.
VCell Do you remember what you said to me? Can you remember what you've done? Can you still feel how low you were, or when all this came undone? When you listen to your heartbreak, Is it just a bad cliche? This morning-after headache that you feel, Is more real than the pain. As you try to bring your hands to your face, As your heart begins to cope, As you feel the gentle calling of friends, Does your faith become your hope? Or does the wind change direction for you? Or does the sun circle the moon? Are we vain to fear rejection? Does it only come too soon? Are you offering forgiveness? 010611
Skull For me?
You love me?
Can it be changed?
But I have for so long….
Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.
But what if it does?
You do?
Thank you,
Thank you
I’ll try.
translucent please... fucking PLEASE.
you know how sorry I am, and how stupid I feel. And I deserve this horrible feeling, I should have controlled myself. Tell me what I can do to somehow make this up to you. I will do anything for you. I love you more than I love myself.
unhinged excuse the lack of context...i don't think it would be appropriate to type the whole short story...just a few paragraphs...

"When I said I'd give my right arm for you, i didn't think you'd ask me for it, but you did.
You said, Give it to me.
And I said OK.
But I guess after a while it started bothering you, because one day when I was washing out the sheets I'd bloodied the night before, you said, You sleep too restless. I don't like it when your bleeding wakes me up. I think you're sick. I think it's sick to cut off your own arm.
That night I bled again. I woke up and the bed was red, all full of blood and wet. I reached over to touch you and to wake you up and tell you I was sorry, but you were not there.
So everything was fine.
For a while.
Then you came back.
Then everything did.
I couldn't tell you that you can't re-do a thing that's been undone. I couldn't tell you anything that you would understand. I couldn't tell you that it wasn't just the fact that you had ripped it out of me and taken it and mounted it, then left with it then lost it, how it wasn't only that, but it was more. HOw it was that when you asked me, I believed you and I told you yes. How, though I had tried a long time to replace what you had hacked away from me, I never could undo the action of your doing so, that I had, and only ever would have, more belief in your faulty memory, your stupid sloppy foresight, than in your claims of change. How I believed, yes, I believed with all my heart, that given_time, you'd do something else again, some new and novel variant to what you'd done to me, again. And then I thought, but this was only half a thought, that even if you had changed, no REALLY changed, truly and at last, and even if you knew me better than I know myself, and even if I'm better off than I've ever been, and even if this was the only way we could have gotten to this special place where we are now, and even if there's a reason, darling, something bigger than both of us, and even if all these even if's are true, that I would never believe you again, never forget what I know of you, never forget what you've done to me, what you will do, I'll never believe the myth of forgiveness between us."

forgiveness, Rebecca Brown
terrible girls

yummyC so youve decided to blame him again
for all your choices
seemed like the softer way out.
you think it just might make life easier
to swallow, will it?
well youve made a fine career outta guilt.
maybe he just did the best he could
with what he had.
maybe he just did the best he could.
forgiveness, forgiveness, try and let it go why dontcha?

-gold f i n g e r
unhinged no_no
you cannot redo a thing that has been undone
Freak I haven't forgiven anything. I've just accepted and attempted to deal. 020619
phil and he did, and it hurt, and he did it again and it hurt even more, and he did again and it won't stop hurting, and he tried, and he tried, and he tried, and he just couldn't find anything to forgive, the world had ended, and then he found forgiveness of himself 020701
drstrangelove who is he? 020702
phil Mr. Smiley 020720
yiqin i seek 060128
hsg forgiveness is essential to waking up. 080118
different now it's not denial
it's not forgetting or pretending it didn't happen

it's just not letting it be everything. it's letting things continue despite it, with it, because of it.
unhinged forgiveness IS letting_go 080324
a quick one "her man's been gone
for nigh on a year
he was due home yesterday
but he ain't here."

you are all forgiven.
hsg before i'd met a very special girl I had asked her what was it that she wanted in life. without hesitation she said forgiveness. she IS a good person -I hope she truly feels and knows this. we all must find this eventually.

unhinged, you are certainly right about forgiveness being letting_go. and thank_you.
jane you_are_forgiven 080516
past you'd think a year and a half of being stood up or cancelled-on at the last minute would get in the way of forgiving you for it. i just let it go, because i know one day i'll see you again and that that day i might have to drop you at the last minute.

but i won't.
hsg thank you for still trying. im not "fed up" as often people become (that disposition somehow doesn't appeal to me). you had expressed a concern about both that & if I would later harbor resentment. I know myself well in this respect -please trust me when I say these things did not create anger at any person but only a passing frustration of the situation.

thank you for having a genuine_soul. I have an abstract image of you that permeates my memory. it's as if your attitude is shining outward from you. you are very powerful & very beautiful.
no reason my sister used to argue with her then-boyfriend all the time. i don't know what the arguments were about or who was at fault, if anyone, but all i got was that he kept disappointing her, apologizing to her, and promising to make things up to her. she would say that he couldn't just keep doing the same things and apologizing/making it up to her, that it wouldn't work unless he stopped doing these things.

so yeah. it's not only about forgiveness, because how much can you forgive someone for?
In_bloom It's not my strong suit
It's my Pride's weakness
It's the salt on my wounds
hsg how many times? jesus! 77x7

om uhmmm 539 times... then maybe... maybe it's time to start forgiving someonelse. maybeven forgive yoursel for giving someon e lso many times.
unhinged isn't about the trangressor
it's about the transgressed

my ego made a rock in my heart
of all the horrible things you ever
did or said
a rock that made it difficult
for my heart to function
the way i knew that it could
a beacon
it was like the rock had shattered
the lamp
the lamp
that illuminated my ego as the
tiny impudent tarnished little seed
that threatened to grow and strangle

i forgave you
without complicit acknowledgment
my heart squeezed the rock out of my eyes
and it was soft and raw again
the light came back on
the story i wrapped around us
to keep the whole damn thing going
disintegrated into
my raw heart
but luminous

just the way it should be
Risen I was speaking to someone about forgiveness yesterday.

She asked if I had forgiven the person I used to be. I said that I had.

She asked if YOU had forgiven her. I said you hadn't. Because I really don't think you have, or ever will.

She said those born under scorpio do not easily forgive or forget. I said I knew that better than the stars did.
unhinged . 151111
flowerock I'm not sure I have successfully forgiven some of the People who have hurt me deeply, I thought I had, but I still see the manifestation of these scars in the way I think, act, feel, breathe... it feel involuntary, some of these feelings, the scars_are_barriers, dividing emotion from expression, love from action... I am still scared, tense, anxious, unconvinced... stuck, immobile_and_mute. My scars are potentially scarring others. How do you fully_forgive? How do you know when you have really truly forgiven and not just said you have? I believed me, too, but it may not have been true, I might not have forgiven them, or myself. 151111
H You truly fully forgiven someone when you see that you honestly wish them well & want them to be happy. You can feel it when you love them and want them to be happy. Also, when you're not afraid of them anymore. 151116
dafremen From a post asking people to stop talking about "tainted DNA" and come together. I don't disagree with the sentiment, but there are problems when you trust mammon over the universe that create you:

"When an entire segment of the populace tries to murder the other half of the populace in the name of saving lives, because the billionaires (who they didn't trust a year before) said we should all line up to make the rich richer and us deader, I'd say that's a good reason not to be happy with those people.

Certainly we can forgive the brainwashed minions of the system, but why tf should it be a big deal if people give them a hard time when they were trying to kill us and our babies? And why should we trust them anymore? They said they were our friends and family, turns out they were zombie mules for materialist energy vampires.

"Plague rats"?
"Put the mask on or we'll beat your a--"?
"Inconsiderate science denying a-holes"?
"Shouldn't be able to shop for food without a vaccine"?
"We should be in jail"?

Yea, you're right. We should forgive and hug it out..while avoiding any viral shedding. Why don't we just WAVE goodbye instead?

Next up, them dying will be called "a new wave of (covid, monkeypox, peasantsaredumbitis, etc.)"

So they'll f--- us on the way out too. God bless them all. Hey Mother Earth...incoming!

So glad I don't have Dr. Frankenstein's shit floating around in my veins.

P.S. My condolences to anyone who took the shots. I really feel for you, but not THAT much. Not after how quickly you turned on your own, when master snapped his fingers. Never again. It's not exactly personal. We just don't know how badly you've been compromised. For those of you who never talked smack, but still got the shot: I hope you got the placebo..all three times. Next time trust the multi-billion year old process that created you, instead of a bunch of self-absorbed multibillionaires and their lab rats engaged in showing each other how clever they are while the world burns."

Fortunately I believe in reincarnation, so see you next time around if you don't make it.

Or if I go before you, don't take any shots from strangers..
fauci venge 230102
. i will not forgive anyone that thinks fear is a valid reason to take away my bodily autonomy and/or force me to take drugs with no long term saftey data in order to work and have freedom of movement.

learn where modern medical ethics, the right to refuse and the right to informed consent, come from. (i'll give you a one word hint...NAZIS)

ignorance is not an excuse. it is a poison. people that hurt others out of ignorance, no matter how great they thought their intentions were, have a special place in hell. you don't want to be informed before you give consent to a medical procedure that is your choice. throwing around the authority of the government and some fucked up catholic guilt about a social_contract to get others to throw away their rights doesn't deserve forgiveness. it deserves a history lesson about nazi germany and the nuremberg trials and codes that came after.

if you give away your rights out of fear you never deserved them in the first place.
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