jennifer it took until 1:15 am but the trunks did come off, and it was before we played his strip music

I love him ( g )
unsure weeks pass, days and hours tumble together
crashing down around me into a pile of rubbish
time wasted, little accomplished
nothing to show
for my suffering
sweetheart of the song tra bong Lying on the floor
I've come undone

(if you want to destroy my sweater)
Lovenguth have you ever liked someone so much they make you come undone?
you feel like whenever your around them everything you do and say is so stupid?
whenever they look at you you get this stupid smile on your face?
i hate being undone,
i hate having crushes
ClairE Even your music does it to me.

We want it.
ashmanzhou so much left to do
so much is all gone before we act
we cant change the past
but the future is change
the future is changing as we speak
unfolding unravelling unwinding
running its course to hell or heaven
what is left undone will always be
all that is left is things yet undone
and these things are what matter
paranoid martyr now i'm your son
now come undone

[cool naughty video]
jane if you want to destroy my sweater
pull this thread as i walk away
watch me unravel i'll soon be naked
lying on the floor, i've come undone

weak not the ending, but an ending
the unravelling of something
plans made in days of happiness

all you can hope is the thread


will be used again, to make something...



lilac_air I become undone
the way u stare at me I
I canot help but unravel

my silky package unwraped
U to became

But now U are cold and not
soft and giving anymore
everything now seems so closed

I wish I could
wrap as easy as u do
as if nothing was expossed

I want to find the one who won't leave me so sxposed, so cruely undone

I still have hope, that one will come and wrap me Up
marjorie i am the undone... 040914
unhinged in that book 'the terrible girls' sab

paraphrased 'you can't redo a thing that has been undone'

and sadly enough, it's true
what's it to you?
who go