Tank there is a reason certain phrases are cliches and that is because they are actually true...

they become cultural repitions for this reason...
god sheep are hot, sleep is for slackers 020425
loly so very many of them. they're hard to avoid. and when they come out you think what the hell am i a hallmark card? 020426
Ahmad they exist because we folow each other in speach,
ever been in this situatation:

sum1 is saying sumthing, and they cant find a word, and you find it b4 them, u say it, and then they say it strait after, even if u said sumthing obscure that only u could have thought of because of what u did yeasterday.

cliches exist for the same reason. when sum1 is lazy or dumb they use a cliche.
dont be ashamed of them, i use em,

and *thats what its all about*
(was that a fairly pointless blather?)
steve My gut is burning. Won't you find me some water?
Hey, just forget it can you bring me gasoline
and collect a couple forks, hold them three feet apart
and wait for lightning to strike to burn me up?
Cause I don't think that I've got the stomach to
stomach calling you today.
My head is swirling. It's been carried off in the sky
and where it lands is where it lands.
So I guess that I will get another head and then get on with my life
and leave you somewhere beneath the waves of time.
And I'll wear glass shoes and plastic wrap.
No, I'll just wear my insides.
You want to know who I really am?
Yeah so do I, yeah so do I.
me I used this word before. I said "I am in all directions. Tangled webs are so cliche" or something like that. 021205
haha your mom's a cliche 021205
endless desire cliche
its the people who think that they are the only ones in the world who are completely bubbly on the outside but dying on the inside. they write in their profiles and on blather about how no one understands the pain they are going through because all they see is this happy person. and you just wrap yourself in this facade.

hah! just like everyone damn person alive.
i used to be like that. "no one understands me. they all think im happy. they think im smiles 24/7. but im not and no one understands."

everyone understands! half the world is living that way. god, people like happy people. so we all put this front up. this happy-go-lucky front and then whine about it. the point is, everyone does it. and everyone who figures out that they are doing it, whines about it. but they dont change, they just whine. so i am officially apologizing for every time i have whined about this hideous cliche of a problem. because its just foolish to think that you are the only one who has ever felt alone.

we are alone, damnit. so lets be friends.
nomatter i just realized how immature i am 030920
poison cherry i tend to speak in cliches. some one says something, i'll come out with a cliche and THEN something specific to their question.

endless desire, how true.
Andrew Sier Cliches bore me to tears.

Ha! Irony! Ha HA!
czmember my luv 4 blather burns w/ 1000 suns. it is the apple of my eye. 040730
belle de jour Snap your fingers and drink margaritas until you sing 040901
sirflaccis It just seems so cliche. So ignorant. So typical. So........... not you. 050107
sirflaccid It just seems so cliche. So ignorant. So typical. So........... not you. 050107
nighean_siofra the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step...

i think i just took it
what's it to you?
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