Zy Ignorance is not a bad trait. Those who ignore the bad will be the only ones who are happy. Sponges ignore the world trade center. Sponges are happy. 010920
unhinged my friend got attacked in a bar last night because someone thought he was palestinian and he's really italian. that whole situation is the epitome of ignorance and i don't see how it can be construed as a good thing. ignorance is not good no matter what situation you talk about. 010921
jonh at times i wish i was 030128
sometimes is never good enough People who are ignorant to Ed's, who have never known what it's like to be owned by something so unexplainable, who made fun of fat kids in school, who criticize those who offer support in any manner... People who come to sites like this and blame them for their friend's death, offer up comments with no validity, no real purpose but to simply run their mouths. To all of these people:
You are no more stable than all the people who suffer with Ed's. While some people may elect to purge their food or fast for days to give themselves the confidence to go on one more day; you come here to criticize a disease you know NOTHING about. You wish people to go to hell, you mock the words they needed to share. You have all become the disease you claim to hate. You are the food that gets thrown away in a secret place. You are the meals that get flushed down every night. You are disgusting. No web site killed your friends... Where were you when they found this site? Where were you when no one was there but the people behind these sites? Making fun of her behind her bony back? You killed her; not a web site. You call a young lady with an obvious problem names..."a disgrace, a sick fuck." You offer her no more incentive to stop hurting herself than the father, brother, friend...that you don't even know. You don't owe her anything right? It's not your job to give incentive to anyone.
You are not human. You are the literal form of what an eating disorder does to one's mind. You are a living, breathing, disease. You cannot control your ignorant outbursts no matter what the consequences may be. You are as worthless as the number on the scale... You will never be enough. The one-second of cause and purpose you have, is not worth the time and love you consume. You have no compassion for age or size. You have no true feelings yet you claim to know the answers. You know how to fix all that ales someone, yet your approach will end in a self-hate filled death. You are a disease. A ribbon should be elected, a walk for your cure, fund raising for your end. You are why sites like this exist. You make these things a reality for so many people.
You want this to stop? Stop hating that which you do not know. Become a part of a solution. Accept the things that you do not -- cannot -- understand. If you are so compelled to open your mouth and spew forth judgments... Judge the hateful disease that consumes these girls every day. No one chooses to be anorexic...no one wants to purge. It is an overlooked, underestimated disease. Yes, she will be the skinniest girl in the morgue wearing a baggy size 0 wishing even after death to be just a bit thinner. But I promise you; it's not a choice she consciencely made.
pete is blissful 031215
me ignorance is when you have the ability to know something but choose not to. if you dont know something because you are not capable of doing so, you are not ignorant. 050821
dafremen I hate ignorant people because they know too much. I don't trust people that know stuff. Especially if they know stuff that I don't because that scares me. The ignorant people should all be rounded up and shot..after they tell us all of the good stuff they know. 050822
Sintina everyone is ignorant of some things
and wise in others.

I can not know how much I am ignorant about. But the point of life is to learn.
TROUBLESUM don't blame the ignorant for their ignorance. they don't know better. and if they do, they aren't ignorant. they are stupid! 051116
z Although Taoist-influenced Zen Buddhism has many points in common with the Handdara, Le Guin has created in this "elusive" religion something that is still alien as well as very human. The Handdara's "only fixed manifestation is in the Fastnesses, retreats to which people may retire and spend the night or a lifetime" (§5). Ai visits the Otherhord Fastness to investigate the "foretellings" for the Ekumen; these predictions, which must be paid for, are apparently completely true. Ai arrives a skeptic and departs a believer, having participated unwillingly in the Foretelling by virtue of his own paraverbal talent. He remarks that although the humanoids of the Ekumen have certain paraverbal abilities, they have not yet "tamed hunch to run in harness; for that we must go to Gethen." But this chapter also reveals basic Handdara beliefs and attitudes which later clarify Estraven's behavior, for he has been Handdara trained. The response of young Goss to what Ai intends as an apology for being "exceedingly ignorant"--"I'm honored!...I haven't yet acquired enough ignorance to be worth mentioning."--is important in that it introduces the central doctrine of Handdara life:

It was an introverted life, self-sufficient, stagnant, steeped in that singular ignorance prized by the Handdarata an obedient to their rule of inactivity or non-interference. That rule (expressed in the word nusuth, which I have to translate as "no matter") is the heart of the cult, and I don't pretend to understand it. (ursula k leguin - the left hand of darkness)

Science Fiction Studies
#3 = Volume 1, No. 3Spring 1974
Douglas Barbour
Wholeness and Balance in the Hainish Novels of Ursula K. Le Guin
zeke btw: http://www.depauw.edu/sfs/backissues/3/barbour3art.htm 051116
z he who asks a ignorant question is a fool for a day. he who never asks is a fool for life. 051116
silentbob i agree with TROUBLESUM
i disagree with me
unhinged so i'm supposed to sit here all alone, next to a silent phone. when all i want is you to be cuddled up next to me, to call and see what you are up to. no good, no doubt.

and to make matters worse, your 'friend' was in eye shot at the bar all night.

i feel far from beautiful right now. all alone. but i am not about to dial the phone.
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