zippy they hoik the blame on me and i dump it on to something else. Is anyone ever held accountable? I certainly don't intend to be. 000123
tazfab more grief followed after the funeral when it turned out that i was the only one who could give some explanation as to "why" he did this. his suidice note said that it was a family reason. but his existing family didn't know what that meant. i had to tell them.

his note said that no one was to blame me and that it wasn't my fault and that he loved me.
yoink it wasn't me. that you dare to place blame on me offends me greatly. only losers do such a thing 010519
blown cherry I wish I could blame you for everything. I wish I could say it was all your fault. The only thing you're at fault for is being yourself.
There is nothing I can blame you for. Which makes it all so much harder to deal with, unfocused anger and pain fill my eyes.
Steering through blurred eyes, typing with blurry vision.
josie sounds like blaine, nik for blake. 020302
Photophobe well thanks a bunch.
josie sounds a lot like fuckface, nic for josie :)
blown cherry you have no idea how appropriate that blathe is josie :) 020303
blown cherry "I thought you'd like to know I'm suicidal again, and I blame you"

Well thanks a bunch.
When he gets in a bad way, which is so rarely that most of his friends have never seen him like that, he always gets homicidal.
All the anger faces outwards,
an armour of 1000 piercing feelings.

So when he says he's suicidal,
I know he means it.

But it's not my fault.
Not my fault he's having trouble making friends.
Not my fault he can't get a root.
Not entirely my fault we split up.
Not my fault he can't handle his own life.
So if/when he does go ahead with it,
it won't be my fault.

So here I sit, typing away merrily,
while I let him slide....

But it's not my fault.

I cannot fix this.
jane blame society
blame death
blame the Al-Qaeda
blame the calories
blame the self-help books
blame the media
blame your parents
blame guns
blame chemicals [or lack thereof]
blame sex

but you only have 10 fingers to point
jollyroger sperm is to blame for everything 030611
endless desire ^i flew too high
^i collide
^pierce the sun
^i cannot hide
^so i just run

blames herself for everything anyways.
endless desire i didn't know the truth.
i didn't know how much was my fault...
now i just don't understand
why they don't see it either?
why aren't i to blame?
why aren't the fingers pointing right at me?
Ben there is a right, or rite--some passage or psalm, and it's not mine to worry about. floating through conscience is a mubling: the obvious truth is that it's your fault. 040203
Allie to assign, or to place...but is it mine to give? my internal failings manifested in your sheepish smile, and I don't feel any better. 040203
thieums Blame is lame. 040413
frayedvine who to blame... who to blame...
it was you. always was.
black hunter somebody gonna get killed 060802
dosquatch No?
No, of course what really matters
Is the blame,
Somebody to blame.
Fine, if that's the thing you enjoy,
Placing the blame,
If that's the aim,
Give me the blame.
what's it to you?
who go