The Schleiffen Man i try to get on it, but it gives me error messages that i can't fix cause it's not on my side... grrr.. i will hurt them or get a new screen name 000712
Thyartshallshant Was the stupidest.
Now's the coolest.
You can't skin it like icq.
But everybody i know uses it.
Dafremen is an ok toothpaste. IF you're into that kind of thing. I'm looking forward to dentures myself. 010216
jazzbaby surprize ready?
Aimee yet another nickname... this one i'm not particularily fond of.. 011009
: ) screen Names? 011031
message me I'm on AOL 011031

screen name AND
Anne Irene Meier My initials 011106
whoknows i dont know any of you guys so i doubt youll be interested in talking to me. but if you are its sarahbelle426 011106
sphinxradio i'm not talking to you! i'm not!

so excited to have self-control at last
Casey Let me just point my gun at your crotch area and pull the trigger 011123
ClairE I love it, but hate AOL.

I use it too much.

Lets people remain in contact for years...changed the face of society (well, not AIM. But internet_communications did.)
zenfishsticks chatting on the internet
is talking to myself
screaming into an abyss
and hoping for an echo
optic discretion I waste my time on it ... but I use it nonetheless (rather constantly). 020128
pralines&cream me (aim):

me (email):

approach me!!!!!
bethany shawnapurv 020222
optic discretion xiaotianshi88

IM me ... i won't bite (most of the time at least =))
soshesays blatherers are online..

splinken electrolyte80 030405
Aimee Ophelia1721 030405
Bizzar SludgeFactory69 030630
User24 aim: asdsdjdasd22
odigo: user24

always happy to chat to any of you.
Ambience I am adding all of you to my buddy list!

Mine: Serene2369
jane jane44079 030630
delial after such a long stint of text
i'm always nervous to switch to live-in-the-flesh visuals

// since i got broadband, i usually leave aim on all the time. .. with sappy away msgs when i'm afk.
User24 ICQ: 168892094 030702
User24 project_blather_chat is a place put everyone's ICQ / AIM / MSN / Other contact details.

if you want to.

sorry about the miniture spamming of blather (hey, it's only on ICQ, AIM and MSN)
MnGirl deadlybunny117

:) :) but i'm not that deadly!
screwing for vrginity AIM: mirabara11 030816
niska fer fuck sakes, Mn girl, join an MSN group, or some shit, & fuck off, 030817
niska ooh... no points there!

but i suppose if we're to leave our insignia...
MnGirl niska, get a life and stop being a stupid person, people have feelings you know 030819
fds AIM

please help me what does "Unknown Error. Error Code 1." mean? I got it the last few days I was at home on my dad's computer, but figured it was just his computer because when I got back to my apartment at school, it was fine...until today. Now I'm getting the same message every time I try to use my standard screen name, but the rest of my names work fine. If anyone has any idea as to what is going on and especially as to what I might be able to do about it, I'd appreciate any advice you might be able to offer. 030821
phil erase your computer. 030822
nomme i am blindfolded
i do not know my target
niska MnGirl: i have no access to your feelings, so if they're hurt - that's not my fault. my life is trucking along just fine, baby... 030906
werewolf king kong ninja...give me a howdy doo 030907
VoiceofDeus Maybe I'm starting this late. My AIM name is VoiceofDeus as well. Feel free to contact me. 030921
Dovasary Cathexis1021

IM me now.
shinequwa my screen names that i get on are shinequwa24, celestethepest24, or celestelily24..... i think that y'all should im me and so we can have a jolly 'ol time chattin! 040116
lenore my sn is skinnylilmofo852. thats my nickname from my friend sarah. 040117
divine madness my aim is LaLadyLatina06

and my addy is
kait i hate aim. i used to love it and got on it everyday. but not now.
now, as a teenager, it has become permanetly etched into our lives.
Steps for friendships before aim:
1)say hi and exchange names.
2)begin having conversations on a regular basis.
3)wave to each other in the halls
4)go to the movies or concerts or something out of school with each other.

Now, somewhere between 0 and 4 there is: give each others screenames.

and its stupid. all the converations are something like...
somemetalband666: hey wuts up
XimsosceneX: nm, u?
somemetalband666: nm, im good lol.
ximsoscenex: thats good for lol you... im pissed off.
somemetalband666:y lol?
Ximsoscenex:bc my bf broke up with me.
we were like iming each other an then hs all like...
(insert copied and pasted im convo here)
somemetalband666: omg that so sux lol. ill go im him abt it ok.
ximsoscenex: omg ur like such a good friend!!!!

through som more random lol and lmao in there and you've got the epitoe of teens conversations today. its horrible and stupid and it seems like the only way to be friends with people is to have their IM.
i cant wait till eventaully everyone gets viruses and no one can have it anymore eexcept for aol users, except aol is getting less popular and hopefully aol and aim will eventually collapse.
sirflaccid kipload: i am sorry if i seem a little distant, it is one of those writing moods
KayceethefishK: that is ok, do you mind me asking what you are writing about
kipload: the past
KayceethefishK: do you want to talk about it
kipload: i would answer anything you ask, but i don't usually volunteer this kind of info
KayceethefishK: k
KayceethefishK: that is fine, i'm not going to ask you if you don't want to talk about it
kipload: honestly, i really don't mind talking about anything. I am a relatively open person, and there is nothing off limits in conversation.
KayceethefishK: hey email me at from now on so I can get your emails.
kipload: cool
KayceethefishK: i just got your email from earlier
kipload: ahhh
kipload: so you are the shrink in training i assume you would be good at this question thing
KayceethefishK: hey if you want to talk i will listen to you. that is all a shrink does is listen and say the occasional uh huh or how did that make you feel
KayceethefishK: i'm here if you ever need to talk about anything
kipload: well that is one form of therapy
kipload: you have caught me in a rare mood
KayceethefishK: i have those days too
kipload: i really don't believe one type of therapy is good for all subjects i mean look at shock therapy
KayceethefishK: i agree, i have seen that it is scary
kipload: so what do you want to know
KayceethefishK: what is making you feel like you are in a RARE mood, and what is this rare mood
kipload: i get vintage, i look at my past, the past, and i think about it. i like to be honest with myself so i just get opened up. i know it sounds really weird but that is how i write. So, if you catch me in one of those moments then nothing is off limits
KayceethefishK: there is nothing wrong with looking at our past, you learn from it and it is healthy to open up with yourself, it isn't weird. i think it is a good thing for you to do. you can only grow by learning from the past. you just don't obsess with the things in the past. that is what is unhealthy
kipload: exactly
KayceethefishK: if you write about it great, and good for you. but if you obsess over it everyday, then you focus all your energy on the past and not on the present. same applies to people who worry about the future
KayceethefishK: so what are you looking back on
kipload: my child
kipload: that doesn't exist
KayceethefishK: ?
kipload: jess and i got pregnant about a year and a half ago and she had a miscarriage
KayceethefishK: i'm sorry to hear that
kipload: it tore us apart
KayceethefishK: do you two still talk at all, or is it over
kipload: the relationship is over
kipload: but we still talk occasionally
kipload: nothing more
KayceethefishK: does what are you writing about, have to do with the child you lost and how that made you feel
kipload: it is about understanding the choices i made in the process
KayceethefishK: what choices did you make
kipload: my, sucking up my pride and doing what i thought was the right thing to do, yet accidentally forgetting what was important as well
KayceethefishK: what did you do
kipload: i got a job, the one i am currently in, worried my ass off, and tried to make sure everything was going to be ok
kipload: ran around like a bee
kipload: became disconnected so i could focus on that goal
KayceethefishK: so what didn't you do that was important to you as well
KayceethefishK: just becoming disconnected?
kipload: i forgot to feel, care, enjoy the moments that at the time didn't know were going to be so few
KayceethefishK: and that tore the relationship apart?
KayceethefishK: where you excited about the baby?
kipload: it started it
kipload: yes and no
KayceethefishK: yes because, no because
kipload: yes, because of us, and for her. no, because of the circumstances
KayceethefishK: she didn't want to get pregnant?
kipload: not at that time no, but eventually it was one of her favorite dreams
KayceethefishK: did you two talk about having a family and getting serious before the baby came to be
kipload: yes
kipload: slightly in jest, but in jest there is truth
KayceethefishK: the truth is?
kipload: we were still too young to think that far ahead. yeah it was a thought, but it didn't seem to be to close to a reality.
KayceethefishK: how did you feel when she lost the baby
kipload: hurt
kipload: loss
kipload: betrayed
KayceethefishK: was the hurt because she lost the baby, or that you knew things were going to be different between you and her
kipload: the loss
KayceethefishK: what made you feel betrayed
kipload: i had done my job, made sure everything was going to be ok. after all of that worrying, it was over without anymore time to enjoy it.
KayceethefishK: are you saying that you felt robbed of the joy
kipload: not so much robbed as cheated
KayceethefishK: did you ever express this with her or visa versa
kipload: i tried
KayceethefishK: did you want to make it work after the baby was gone
KayceethefishK: and she didn't
KayceethefishK: or was it mutual
kipload: no we tried
KayceethefishK: ah k
kipload: it didn't end after that, on paper anyway
KayceethefishK: ?
kipload: we never broke up per say, just emotionally separated
KayceethefishK: been there. today would you still want to be with her?
kipload: i can't, she can't, we can't
KayceethefishK: are you still in love with her
kipload: honestly
kipload: i will hold a part of my heart for her
KayceethefishK: does that make it hard for you to move on
kipload: haven't figured that out yet
KayceethefishK: does it feel weird that you are telling me such personal stuff to someone you don't really know
kipload: like i said it is one of those moods
KayceethefishK: just because you are in one of those moods doesn't mean that you feel comfortable about it.
kipload: i am not, uncomfortable
KayceethefishK: if I had just started talking to you today would you have told me all this
kipload: i don't know
KayceethefishK: what are you thinking right now
kipload: that's a good one
KayceethefishK: ?
kipload: where do i go from here?
KayceethefishK: were would you like to see yourself go from here
kipload: that's an even better one
KayceethefishK: i'm serious
kipload: i don't think i have that kind of vision, i don't claim to see the future
kipload: i think it is a day by day ride
KayceethefishK: it’s not about seeing the future. you can't. but you can have a goal to work towards
kipload: you can only plan tangible things. feelings, emotions, and those things cannot be predicted. so if it is a general question about my career, my future family, then i could give you an idea. but if you are referring to issues of the heart then i am afraid i can't answer that.
KayceethefishK: i was referring to life. try not to think of long term goal. think short term, tonight, tomorrow, a week, you can't build long term goals unless you make the small term goals first to help you get there. if you think, “my goal is to be in college a year from now,” you probably won't make it if you don't make the short term goals. like. tomorrow i'm going to work overtime, take that little bit of money save it for college, next week i'm going to make plans to visit this school. do you follow or have I completely lost you
kipload: no i can follow along pretty well
KayceethefishK: good
kipload: as far as "her and i" is concerned there is no plan, no idea.
KayceethefishK: and that is ok
kipload: i don't plan around other people
kipload: they have separate feelings and emotions. remember, that is something we can't predict
KayceethefishK: no you can't, i'm not asking you to predict them. i'm not asking you to predict you and her. i was asking. now that you are at this point, where do YOU want to go? you say you don't know where to go next. what way would YOU like to direct your life, not emotions, toward. you can do that and your goal for that could change tomorrow, but it is a sense of direction
kipload: i have a sense of direction
kipload: it comes true everyday
KayceethefishK: k
KayceethefishK: do you like your job
kipload: yes i do
KayceethefishK: well that is good
KayceethefishK: are you still in your mood
kipload: probably will be until i fall asleep
KayceethefishK: it is about that time for you isn't it
kipload: sometime soon i would suppose
kipload: around this time usually
KayceethefishK: did you get your new cell phone
kipload: no it didn't come in today
kipload: should be there tomorrow i guess
KayceethefishK: are you getting sleepy
kipload: yeah it is getting about that time
KayceethefishK: do you feel any better talking to me
kipload: never really felt badly, just honestly
KayceethefishK: k
kipload: well i think i am going to jump off here
KayceethefishK: k
kipload: later on
KayceethefishK: bye
kipload: ditto
Pliny the Elderberry amaretto injected massage 050302
jane xlaurenmargaux 050302
jane (also sirflaccid:
i found that conversation moving, inspiring, relieving that people still really communicate)
sirflaccid Thank you for your words Jane.

I would like to admit that I am an admirer of you here in this deep blue world we refer to as blather.
jane i am humbled by admirers, and in a very oldephebe sense prostrate myself 050304
sirflaccid The transmission of thought is all we really have.
Please, do not lay you down in awe, of things that should come so natural.
Freak Im sorry that it took that loss to finally enable you to have the day-by-day perspective. Perhaps it was a life lesson that you needed to learn more than you knew and this is what it took to get it across.

...and a GOOD shrink DOES ask questions. Not just the occasional uh huhs and "how did that make you feel?"
sirflaccid "In all reality," I would have liked to have done without a few moments. (I assume this could be a shared perspective.) But, on that same note, never change a thing. I am glad to be the man I think you wanted me to become.

You, and only you, will always be the perfect shrink. Honestly, who really wants someone to just listen all of the time?

I hope whenever you cross my words, the thought behind them is clear. I will try my best to never bring shame or mal-intent your way. It is good to KNOW that you are still around. YFLG
sirflaccid By the way, I am not inebriated this evening. 050308
devilbunny I need to do some cleaning. I've got so many people on my buddy list that I never talk to anymore. 061111
once again SleepieCloud - AIM 080430
once again SleepieCloud - AIM 080430
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