typhoid before it used to be
"abort, retry, fail?"
but has evolved into
"segmentation fault: core dumped"
ace error, woah i'm sorry i thought oh well okay alright. 000224
lotusflower i err because i'm not perfect. 000224
CinnamonGirl wow.
till now I didn't know the meaning of "errr"
yoink scary, indeed, it wasn't working for me for a while 020129
dafremen There are lines that I
Use when the tenderness has gone away
And I
Feel that nothing you would say
Could make me cry
When I try
My eyes are drier
Than the shadow of your face
Lingering impressions on my pillow
Fade away
"No hearts are breaking"
That's in case you haven't gone away
So I can say that was the impropriety
I meant to send your way
It's not as if I really have to hear you anyway
Mated my soul to my imagination
Now I sleep the dream bestowed the Fisher King
The very thing to keep the pain away
I feel no pain
I am mechanical now.
what's it to you?
who go