EECP Why is this my order?

It hurts so much.

Its not really a quesion.

Just a cry for change.
bird (hes mad i tell you....MAD!) ominous, like the echo of a long-since silenced scream 020416
hungryghost Autumn came to visit and stayed til noon. Autumn road on horseback raining through the town. Autumn spent a fortune weeding the garden. Afternoons craved a bacon and egg sandwich and the two road out of town wearing ten-gallon hats and charged who might they be with an arresting law. Autumn sure had class feet. 020915
Becky I linger here... 020928
celestias shadow after they give you your second cup of coffee, that means you should leave. 030903
silentbob i'm still there with you. 060524
falling_alone the taste will linger through to waking up within four hours, maybe less if i continue this patter, it will linger even after i brush my teeth, scrub down my tongue, it will seep into my throat from the depths of my stomach, which at this point feels bottomless. 060524
unhinged battered_woman_syndrome

there is still part of me

that i couldn't save you

i already knew it was impossible
but it didn't stop me from

because i was blessed with a family
that cared enough
to not leave me behind
that cared enough
that i have a net of loved ones

and even i
can be lulled by
the comfort of an

some days when my heart aches for that
chemical comfort
i want to call you
and talk you down from your ledge
when i feel like my ledge is further and further away
i want to call you
and let you know
there's at least one human being on this planet
that loves you

shiv0m Before you crash ...leaving me lingering in some loopy thoughts....... I should say gunyt...have sweet's about time for me to get lost. 😛 160106
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