jennifer you are such a badass
the lights change for you
other's lives change for you
you remain constant
and perfect

a year ago, you begged for a kiss
now others beg to have one
from your sweet lips
you are content in your new-found happiness

your brain is teeming with ideas
original and magnificent
and you gloat about them
are original and magnificent
and everyone longs for your company

you have it all
and not just on the surface
you swarm with onlookers
who long to bask in your glow

I stand back
amazed at what my life has become
what it's been reduced to
and I wonder to myself
if I will ever be so
deb i only wish i could
count myself
yes, yes i know
everything seems to be
going my way,
i'm engaged and all,
and to the guy
more grand than
i could have dreamed-
but i feel so alone here
in this empty room
the gilmmer of diamonds
doesn't begin to replace
the twinkle in your
three-shade eyes
or the curled-up edges
of your crooked perfect grin
yes, i'm blessed-
but i'm still
Paragraph Who was i to recieve this?
I'm still not sure why God would pair up a scared little boy wit a perfect woman, who (I'm sure) at times feels like his mother.
"You did WHAT with Nate?"
But this I do know,
so don't argue with me - I know you'll want to...
This scared little boy doesn't know what he has. But he knows it's special.
And as much as I don't deserve you, You're mine. And I will kill to keep you.
an enemy of the sea so as violence is discouraged
my swarms of censorship swarms
quickly changed the subject
In my view, No One's Crazy!
The Truth A simple prayer can render you blessed.

The opposite of cursed.
The accrual of positive energy to your soul.

Ask for it.
Believe it's coming
You will Recieve it.
Give thanks.

Who do you ask?
Ask anyone. anyone can bless or curse you.

Lift you up, or thrash you down.

Ask God.
He Loves You
And He fills you with love to give to others.

You may need a little practice at first...
when you enter into the arena of blessedness...
but stick with it, and one day a mere thought to God will change someone's life right before your very eyes.
unhinged when you have the thought "i am never going to open my eyes again" as you feel the impact of the semi with your car and you do open your eyes again you are blessed. even more so when you open the car door and walk away from it with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. that accident was scary. 010523
RedArmageddon please
take care of yourself
don't hurt yourself
you're so fragile
as am i
i'll take care
of Winston
and you can see him
if you'd like
he is happy
but i know
he enjoyed your visit
as did i
a little
than you know
do what is right
and what is not me
or me
or not
try to understand
your life
is bigger
than mine
but not my heart
your new man
your new love
is all you ever wanted
how foolish of me
i am not like prince Hamlet
nor was meant to be
but i die
just the same
my words
i was always
and i'm glad
you don't have to
listen to me
or be
because you are
near me
this cliche
has just
reached the
end of its usefulness
and now
the nightmares
delial blessed_be 031113
unhinged never thought it would be a frequent word in my vocabulary

what's it to you?
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