vicious now I lay me down in tears
I pray the wind my cries to hear
if I should die of my own will
I pray the gods my captor kill
gaudior to whoever watches me from afar:

protect me from the wind when i am cold, the fire when i burn, the water when i drown and the earth when i fall. protect me from the cruelty and carelessness, the casualty and the thoughtlessness, the anger and the greed, the bloodlust and the envy. give me a light for my path and a soft place to lay my head. give me a companion to share my soul. forgive me for my fear. amen.
deb softly
as you break
you hear
a voice
telling you
you'll be ok
you'll be alright

do you believe?

i do

though i have a funny way
of showing it sometimes
camille Met a man today. A man i had seen many times before. just sitting. With his legs crossed, hands knotted together, head hanging, hat down, and collar up. A daily fixture on the stone bench across from the children'ts fountain on the town green. Asleep, I think. But his lips are moving--very carefully moving. An ordinary average-middle kind of man. Size, age, clothes, condition---all ordinary average-middle. From one to two each day he sat-undisturbed by dogs, children, buses, laughter; rain, or cold. He sat. Saying something to himself, maybe. Daily.

So I asked him. One day I had to ask him. Asked him was he all right (which meant, "what's going on, buddy?"). And you know what he said? Said he was praying. Praying. Not that praying is so strange, but he said he was praying the alphabet. Just reciting the alphabet over and over for an hour each day, leaving it to Almighty God to arrange the letters into the proper words of a proper prayer. What was missing in words, he said, he made up for in fervor. He figured God could handle it and would understand.

Well. I don't know. I think maybe I would settle for a little less praying and a little more sanity, myself. At the same time. At the same time, I wish I believed in something-had faith in something-that much.

by Robert fulgham

*And so i walked away praying..... the alphabet of course...

(i added the last * sentence)
birdmad and don't you understand that when i kiss your fingertips
or look into your eyes
or when i run my hands
through your hair
it is a prayer
my dear

and love is the only god

and you are its icon
miniver Double-click me.

moi what i did a lot of last spring and fall. multidenominationally, silently, hoping that you would just be okay,
like i still do.
it will be okay, if we want it to.
we are afraid. it's okay.
kx21 The most sinful or evil deed in this world:

False Prayer?
Photophobe Does that make me evil?

If I have prayed to conflicting gods, am I ungoodly or just ungodly?
kx21 False Prayer: Curse... 020321
Perspective_Of_Soul I went to Church the other day.
I am not really a religious person, i am usually trying to slam people that are with fact vs fiction, but yet i found myself there.
I sat in the empty hall staring at the cross on the wall as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I asked that my soul be saved when my life ends due to my own hand.That the gates of Heaven be open to a lost soul.
I wonder if God shall forgive me?
kx21 Right Prayer: Prayer with BODHICITTA... 021125
angie beautiful words
hymns of praise
petitions of hope
answer me
i don't pray...
not when i don't want to that is
when the time is right...
S There are some things I've done that I can't get clean from. I pray that I would remember to light a candle instead of cursing the dark. 040513
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