phil Long ago the land was controlled by horses, there lived a man controlled by horses, who said die for the devil, he said it to the right people, everyone died for the devil and went straight to heaven.
There lived a man in a green sea, in a syringe by the sea. He said drink it up, drink up, stick it up and die, every body took a turn and died, they all went straight to heaven and died.

Dr Pepper rules, Give me drugs! think "burger time", do nothing sit around and drink suds, I want to be a tree! I want to be a tree! Don't eat me, I'll poison my berries, live on your own.
User24 on you who? page it says

"phil gates"

which made me laugh.

so there.

I'll get my coat.
oren David sure knew how_to write songs. 080725
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