typhoid i just sent out a ping i don't expect to return for another couple hours. i can wait. 000121
[R5]Syckle never on the same page

take what is given and twist and warp

turn around and have a whole new book

and i can't remember what page it was
valis the book of love
is missing pages
marz page of bananas
but apples are best
basket of books
take this test:
how old will this man be if he eats 25 pages, and reads 48 bananas?
answer: i dont know.
words on a page,
fruits in a basket.
a tisket a tasket.
somethings in the basket.
your face.
Deomis A blank page
The straight blue lines
seem to bend and curve
Into the nothingness
Of tomorrows promises.
Put down the pen
Having written nothing
Yet again.
lizzy how do i make my own page?
i want to fill up an empty page...
with my own thoughs...
not just a continuation of other's thoughts...
but start my own here.. my own word for others to build on...
how does a lil girl do that?
somebody erase the word you're blathering under and make up your own.... 040516
lizzy hey thanks, somebody!!!!!!
thank you
thank you
thank you!!!!!
anyone? is anybody on now? 060810
(\/) i love pussy 060810
e3 How bout sticking dildo in ur ass monkey fucker 060923
what's it to you?
who go