852456 Hark!
hear the low rumble from deep within the bowels and coming from the ground beneath your feet.
feel the buillding tremors as they send chills up and down the spine.
the earth begins to shake as the shimmering metal surface is grasped.
the structure splits shifts and parts, revealing a light so bright and hot that breif deafness accompanies the temporary blindness.
Stand, quivering, shaken, and emotionally unbalanced in the white hot light and icy chilling winds.
Breath in a sigh escapes, making a fine mist.

We're out of fudge-pops

Slam the freezer door closed in digust.
Exhuman I thought that I ruled it all
I figured the mercy of the Allmighty
Had finally fallen upon me
Or so i wanted to believe
I was the lucky one
I was the winner
Had I not been awoken by His scream
Would i have been living this lie forever?

Gained much i have
But wisdom it was not
what's it to you?
who go