dallas beneath the weight of our mutual oppression lies a rich taste of the depth of life. 990205
angela b e n e a t h my feet is the floor. feels cool on my toes. 990207
emsie you make me feel like I'm beneath you, that for me to occupy even part of precious time is a gift from god. That's not how it should be... 990704
jules you are not beneath me.
you do not know how hard this has been
you're not making it easier
i tried to make everyone happy
didn't leave any time for me
i love you
please do not put this on me
is it all fine now that he's gone?
... utopia and distopia 041213
olive beneath the old tile of the class room.
a mouse is sewing a patch on a hoodie.
worn by a 14 year old boy.
while the purple clock on the wall.
echos like a single freckle on a face.
nobody ever stops to listen.
even the cross hatching of a blarring. speaker.
could use a little changing around.
a wheel leaned against a fence.
with an old tennis ball in the middle.
might never change besides.
the bugs life that resides within that.
little green fuzz of a ball.
while even a piece of stratch paper under.
the chord of a computer will be there.
only a few more momments.
or a smiley face on a chalkboard.
it should be thier forever.
but beneath all that.
we know it never will be.
what's it to you?
who go