god vomit_salad 020528
shorlove via stupidity! 030626
covert bathtub ballerina versus
vital signs
vertical scale
volvo sedan
ventricular something or other
vore show
shivers me vs u
tyson vs hulk hogan
e-mails vs letters
kisses vs hugs
pain vs pleasure
winnie the pooh vs sponge bob
tacs vs tape
groups vs individauls
paper vs plastic
water vs juice
high heels vs sneakers
fire vs sky

i want to know wut u think
yollanda i think it means virtual sex. you know, the gud stuff in life. 031115
somebody VS = Victoria Secret 040601
thunderbuck ram vaginal secretions - yummy or hummy? 040907
TradeCornerPhilosopher Vaginal secretions, yummy or hummy? What?
Well, we're all really food in the end, just like lamb served at some dinner party (yuck, the thought of it!). If there is no soul who's existence is eternal, then we are all embodied beyond our speculative likings!! Abraham, whose ancient Jewish beliefs (way pre-temple!!) HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THIS would not have raised his eyebrows! Only now, after two hundred years of Christianization (for better or worse) do we end up committing hubris, wanting, demanding to be as gods: immortal!! The heroes of the Iliad would never have aspired to such: for the anceint Atheniens the afterlife was not ETERNAL!! Let that fact break across your conscious!!
We are all re-formed hummus, destined to sprout back into deformed soil, from which will sprout: MUSHROOMS!!

There is something you should know which Einstein knew and that was of great comfort to this master: the past exists parallel to and is exactly as real as the present: there is only one moment (really): THE PRESENT. There is an adjunct theory to this which is widely but not totally accepted, but is a better object of reason than ETERNAL (and perhaps vain) HEAVEN: there are multiple universes in which each given situation turns out differently. In other words: the unborn are born, and that bad or good thing you did not do, or did yesterday: ACTUALLY HAPPENED!


Think. Think. Think. Thinking is liberation!!
Lemon_Soda I love random gushes of philosophy. 051102
jane {if} 071105
re_alisma i have no opinion. what was the one that i owned? versology? verbology? something like that. vitology, maybe. it didn't even matter. until it sort of did. and then it didn't. (i get the feeling that so many storylines, in general, seem to go like this? hrrmmm....)

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