grasshopper blue earthy magic
eat me.
trip outside
in and out
amorfus fun guys... 000510
amorfus "There is a world beyond ours, a world that is far away, nearby, and invisible. And there is where God lives, where the dead live, the spirits and the saints, a world where everything has already happened and everything is known. That world talks. It has a language of its own. I report what it says. The sacred mushroom takes me by the hand and brings me to the world where everything is known. It is they, the sacred mushrooms, that speak in a way I can understand. I ask them and they answer me. When I return from the trip that I have taken with them, I tell what they have told me and what they have shown me."
-Maria Sabina
eruth be 20 november 1998
phish bomb
i secum
explosive mind
bright light
bright white light
in the shadows
snarky freak or are they skulls? 000724
outerlayerplus It's really disturbing when you ingest a substance that gives you an unexplainable attraction to tree fungus. No joke! It was fucking awful. my friends and I were just out for a walk on Hallowe'en and we saw this big ripply thing like the dried out remnants of an exploded pure white brain growing on a tree... and everyone just had to gather around like it was the most incredible thing in the world.
I will never forget how it made us all feel... and then some idiot in the back goes "we're drawn to our own"... and everyone realizes "oh my god, he's right." We spent the rest of the night leaning on trees trying to integrate ourselves into the bark.
pyriel sliced thin
sauteed in a mix of garlic basil and butter and served atop a baked chicken breast that spent the night marinating in rosemary, fennel, garlic, and a good dry white wine (oh with just a bit of lemon juice and the slightest fragments of a good hot species of red pepper...but not too much)

dammit, i wish i had a proper working kitchen again.
l_u_x i noticed this the other day: if you take the word "washrooms" and remove the first two letters, it spells "shrooms". strange. lol. 000809
medea I've always really wanted to like them. mushrooms. I continue to eat them with all kinds of asian dishes because I keep thinking, well, maybe this time I'll like the taste, but I never do ... the slimy squishy chewy sour taste. but I still think they're neat little fungi. 000810
gonutsan wa shrooms are Japanese fighting shrooms, I believe. 000812
Barrett shrooms grow in shit, hence the phrase
"That's some good shit."
iaan Anyone cook with the magic?

can you use like shittake
can you put them in risotto
can you make some mushroom fritters
guaranteed to get you blotto?
enriquecito why not just chomp down on the mofos, cowshit and all, knowing that your nausea will soon, in any case, give way to a break in the clouds, beyond which is the dreamtime itself? 010614
Shadd Wade I had never before thought of
walking through a maze of willow vines
illuminated by a garage door light
the tree has life, and it is all around
it speaks to me, after a fashion
I am wide eyed like a child
seeing something spectacular
for the first time
Trig They're growing . Inside the little bag , I followed the directions . Inside , little mushroom spores are ingesting nutrients , expelling wastes , dividing and multiplying , ready to spring forth with their fruit . Their intentions are pure , they seek to proliferate their numbers . But I have different plans for my little children , my fungal creatures , not plant , not animal . Their lovely blue essence shall show me the path to enlightenment . 020909
SuicidalAngel Fun Fun Fun! 020910
SuicidalAngel I personally like them.. but I heard they make your brain bleed.. 020910
myplasticmind 'make your brain bleed'

ahhh i like that
sixfingers i had the most incredible personal experience, thanks due to my freind, the mushroom...

I think there is a lot of wisdom locked deep inside ourselves..
unhinged 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 eigth mushrooms
enough milk to make smooth

not only does the orange juice mask the taste of the mushrooms but the vitamin c enhances the effects, or so i am told. i have never tried them, but if i did, i think this would be the way i go.
niska gkack! tase like puffed wheat. put it in a nice warm tea. 030301
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) Sam: Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!

Merry: What?! That was just a detour, a shortcut.

Sam: A shortcut to what?

Pippin: Mushrooms!!!

Flowers from Safeway My neighborhood has a mushroom infestation. There are mushrooms growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk, mushrooms growing out of the grass, even mushrooms growing out of other mushrooms. It's pretty disgusting. 031223
Jadore les bananes "No mummy don't it burns!!!"
Like a monkey in winter.
krupt you dont understand... 050130
coaster You're brain is always bleeding 050610
trixie At first there was a fly. And it was just a fly and that was fine. Then, something about it became not flying, but a divebomb; acute invasion in my living room. I did what any normal person would do--hide in the couch, pillow mound rising. I knew I was crazy, I knew it was just a fly, but I didn’t want to be with it, alone. Then honeybunch came back in the room, I’d just begun to remember I missed him.
There’s a fly in hereI said and he understood that it was new and the little guy was huge. It’s okay, let’s sit on the floor. We sat on the floor and suddenly the house had a fever--the chalkboard wall was smoking, honeybunch’s face exploded eyes careening outward with drops of sweat beading upon beads on every molecule in his system reaching open striving flower. It was beautiful. Then I looked up. Oh man the ceiling was opening, an infinite mouth. I tell him I need to study the sun and walk into the bright light rectangle splayed on the floor. It pulls me to my knees and I worship up and down in the spray. Afternoon light rained in electric glitter, it was too loud to play in even though it was inside my skin. I sat down.
I found my armpit. Oh man. I found my armpit. I stuck my fingers into the abyss, the sticky perimeter exhales.
I peeled the dead off, yoga clothes which I assumed with their synthetic contours would jive with me into new worlds, but they were dead. Inhuman. Honeybunch chucked his wears too. We laid on each other and listened to Black Sabbath. (Maybe it was Beyonce but really it was Black Sabbath. The Mister Softee truck also wailed.) We laid and went to Africa.
Can I talk? Yes. Okay. I love music. I love music so much I don’t even want to talk about it.
We got into bed, a warm vagina rose quicksand warm bodies drooling mixing smushing.
Another wave and I the world burped life. Another wave and the dirty papers of my mind swirled. A thought, a light, a gun, a song.
I wondered about Steve Jobs.
I will never be the same again I will never be the same again.
I could not figure out how to put my underwear back on.
We ordered a pizza and watched Conan the Destroyer.
I asked to be accompanied to the bathroom, I could have gotten lost in the eternity of walls.
Our friend brought over opium. I could see his face was a tree.
The comrades joined us, I loved them more than I was able to understand.
The world cooled down.
The pizza came.
It took me ten times to count the money.
It was nighttime.
It wasn’t over.
trixie I am a spaceship 120803
trixie and so are you 120803
Doar it seems that the general consensus about this page is the trippy dippy trips that people have experienced while on the shrooms.

I'll add a little experience;

the 1st time was pure nonsense, we listened to "Fleetwood Mac" for 36 hours straight and just wandered around, and I made out with a beautiful blonde for 12 of those hours.

the 2nd time I punched a windshield out of a car from the inside. My parents car and I had to tell them all I did was punch the glass.

No life changing experiences, maybe a bad batch of shrooms each time. Whatever.

unhinged mine wasn't really life_changing either. mostly just stems, not really that potent. my body started to tingle and buzz but i didn't really hallucinate. my brother turned on reservoir_dogs and fell asleep. i had never seen it; when it got to the part that they were about to kill the cop, i shut it off in a spastic hurry not wanting to tempt the trippy gods into turning a buzz into a nightmare. 120805
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