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velvet spasm that's when el's 'shrooms really began to kick in.
he spun his head around violently. his thick rubbery lips flailed like soggy tubesocks tied to the door handle of a '79 volare. a single drop of grease escaped from his mane like a little child thrown from a merry-go-round.
his eyes narrowed, then focused on a cloaked apparition bearing what appeared to be an ancient scroll containing terrible mysteries. upon the scroll was a single slice of pizza, also shedding grease.
elvis lunged greedily for the slice. the apparition dissolved, and el found himself plunging into an abyss.
el's head swam as he backed away from the toilet. he pulled up his pants, and half-heartedly raised his zipper. his hands, and the entire bathroom, were covered with shit. he retched, then reeled out of the room.
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smurfus rex is her favorite hobbit. 031118
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