donaldson this magic moment concludes when that cigarette ends
did you get what you wanted?
well, i suppose that depends

if you go, if you go...
(where passion is squandered and money is spent)
it's time, you must say it's time that you went
troll It's time to tell the truth
These things have to be faced
My fuse is burning out
And all that powder's gone to waste
troll It's time to tell the truth.
These things have to be faced.
My fuse is burning out.
And all that powder's gone to waste.
N8daGR8 is dead! 991024
old hick Future historians will probably look back at Elvis and say "What the fuck was up with that guy?"
And I'll tell you in one word: SEQUINS!
roxy mr. costello. the true king of rock and roll. 000216
typhoid elvis = eris? 000217
BoofPixie it makes me sad to watch that man inflate and grow sequins. but before all that--what a beautiful man. not as beautiful as the aforementioned costello, but: damn! 000311
Brad I was born and raised in memphis, lived there all my life (until college) and i've not once been to Graceland, and have no intentions on going. Molly, do you like him as much as chet_baker? 000311
emkaj My wish came true... 000630
birdmad and you think
you're a guest
you're a tourist
at best

peering into the corners
grendel ThankYa


now, when's dinner.
andrea lynn costello is The Man. but i'm sure you already knew that. 000703
Brad WHen i was three I always thought it was him playing all that guitar... in fact it was Scotty Moore. 000703
jennifer is my best friend

him and jo_bu
Mlle Avril ...is like a mystery wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Or something like that. (Quote attributed to Winston Churchill, who said it about America; and to Lisa Simpson, who said it about Nelson Muntz.) 001221
j mom says she's going to graceland. maybe she'll be happy there. i doubt it. 010311
monadh has left the building 010312
limpin with the bizkit man! Elvis revolutionized the hip grind man!
Got all the girlies 2 drool. The girlies still have shrines 4 him. He was the first the greatest the only ELVIS!
fuckelvisitsallaboutthebeatles he was greasy, sequence-wearin, wannabe-king-of-rock-but-was-really-more-country, white trash. 010430
god Contributed by: Elvis's Son on October 12, 2000

that's when el's 'shrooms really began to kick in.
he spun his head around violently. his thick rubbery lips flailed like soggy tubesocks tied to the door handle of a '79 volare. a single drop of grease escaped from his mane like a little child thrown from a merry-go-round.
his eyes narrowed, then focused on a cloaked apparition bearing what appeared to be an ancient scroll containing terrible mysteries. upon the scroll was a single slice of pizza, also shedding grease.
elvis lunged greedily for the slice. the apparition dissolved, and el found himself plunging into an abyss.
el's head swam as he backed away from the toilet. he pulled up his pants, and half-heartedly raised his zipper. his hands, and the entire bathroom, were covered with shit. he retched, then reeled out of the room.

Contributed by: god on October 29, 2000

el looked down the corridor. he limped weakly back towards his room. he saw in his mind the faces of millions of girls. thousands of stages. hundreds of towns. it seemed like a distant dream here in the spacecraft.. spacecraft?...
his mind spun into oblivion as the last shred of his sanity tore.
Annie111 Has left the building

Was the King, could shake a hip-shake-ah burnin' love. Was fucked up like hell in the head. He was awesome.
Elvis Drank codine cought syrup out of a champange flute. Like to bust is a girls hair. Hired a guy just to get him hamburgers when ever he felt the urge. Shot at a snake while hi as a kite. Had a 40 poung colon at the time of his death...........oh yea, don't forget the hotdog buns. LONG LIVE THE KING!! 020202
donaldson "...like a mystery wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma..." I thought that was Kissinger, regarding Russia...

and in any case, what's it got to do with elvis, i think he's pretty straight forward... either of them, El the King, or El the Man...
Id Elvis did in one man what took the Beatles to do in three. There was and IS only one king. Elvis could squash the Beatles but the Beatles are too divine to be squashed. If Elvis is the King the Beatles are the Princes of Rock n' Roll. End of Story. 020513
god sivle war

raw elvis
silentbob Elvis was the second coming of christ.

it's all downhill from here.
ferret c'mon! c'mon! C'MON! lets get that retro techno sound! YEAH! uh huh! alright! uh! buh buh buh! uh! uh buh buh buh uh! yeah! uh! retro! yeah! uh! 030806
ferret oh yeah elvis? he was great 030806
nomatter why must you all cling to the fat jumpsuit elvis? why not remember the genuine beautiful talent that he was underneath all that peanut butter? 030914
LOL If you take the letter used to make up the word ELVIS and rea arrange them You can spell LIVES
Thus! Elvis = Lives
white_wave so i thought that there was only one elvis and everyone else were impersonators. so i thought i was the only one who would consider calling my dog elvis. i see a different dog named elvis daily. they are all fakes, and there is really only one true elvis dog, the one that i don't have. 040223
stork daddy the weaknesses he always had, were suddenly a betrayal,
which is unfair to elvis,
because everyone ignored them,
because they like all ugliness
have a hook,
a voice those moments
in the day when you're totally free,
sunshine on the road,
or your own two wheels,
your feet feel like floating.
people heard that voice
and thought instantly,
god's always sounded like this.
and it was hidden even from him,
he was just a simple boy,
believing in where he comes from,
taking it for all it's worth,
what wrong can a saint do,
when a saint is by definition right,
is smooth skin,
a take it or leave it smile.
there were probably days
elvis felt just as betrayed as everyone else.
Jess is alive
we are all dead
did I still like him, as redneck as I'm not. 070609
what's it to you?
who go