feyd such a form is un-imaginable...
twas the night before christmas and all through the house...
true evil lies within...
boi thinks he is truely dark...
werewolf grind me into powder
and blow me off into the air,
like one does to gold,
when it has lost its value
gatorbabae Independent; Built to Grind 020507
mathmatiks grind like motar
grinding bone as
the dancers grind
together at the waist
in sensual dance
to excape the daily
grind of life
day in, day out
grinding the coffee
for another day or work
grind the cigarette under
your heel grinds
the pavement as
you travel through this world
and are eventually reduced
to dust from the endless
grinding cogs.
nom nice 031115
mathmatiks thankyou
i like it too.
acidshank grind it up. grind it up reeeaall good. hahhaa 041123
In_Bloom When we collided I was thrilled that you
Could grind
My fears beneath your boot
what's it to you?
who go