psyki maybe i'm afraid that i'll dream about tomorrow. it's three in the morning and sounds through computer speakers like small monsters. the left channel a bit weak. my ears for some reason feel like blueberry waffles feeding carrots to the lions. suddenly very cold in my room, ice drips from the ceiling. and a pickle slowly emerges from the murky soup. closing my eyes to escape these things but i know that they are happening anyway. americola masking taped to my door. i'm addicted to chewable vitamin c and i think i'm going to be sick. going to be going to kansas. a wonderful sweater, and i really should be tired. she left seventy five cents here and i can't sleep tonight. 010416
paste! don't lift up the boulder! the waste of space that resides in your head is telling you to push that boulder four inches from the caviar dish. stay where you are governor, you make empty promises! the boulder has not and will not move because you are staring at the fish in your hand. 010430
indust all i do
i can still feel you

numb all through
i can still feel you
hear your call
underneath it all
kill my brain
yet you still remain
after all i've died
after all i've tried
you are still inside

all i do
i can still feel you

you remain
i am stained
jane all our clothes we are all naked 020612
dude heres your car is where i'd rather be.
i like it when you're on top.
dreams i hate caviar
never liked it just thought it was a social thing
uncertain why i held it in my hand
but was never in my heart
there within lies the vast great difference for all that matters is the pyramid of the soul and you equate all of the boundaries...don't you know.
how deeply the hurt lies underneath
you may never know but nevermind can't reach the recesses of my soul so now you hold all the keys in your hands mine are as empty as my heart without you...so dude where is my car?
only material things not as important as what i feel inside underneath it all you were all that ever mattered if only you could have shared your naked heart with mine...you are my heart and will remain there...clothed in gold. a good good bye is far healing than a bad hello.
nonatter you're really lovely underneath it all 030904
Fierce I am underneath everything.
He is underneath my skin.
A fucking parasite.
I love it.
Glory Box i am afraid.

this gets hidden in layers of altitude and spun sunlight like gold, my solid voice wound around and through, holding together the threads of our twoness. can i smooth this until the uneven horizon is steady enough to be still? can i make this winter hold its own in the face of the coming dark, the cold that leaves its name over everything i love? i am strong, but underneath i am so small. is there enough in me that can persevere without sinking?
what's it to you?
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