kris im eating a carrot right now and boy is it disgusting! but if i want to lose weight i'll have to get used to it.

*this is a pointless blather but id thought id tell someone!
c go for it. 030625
andru235 fire, water, earth and carrots
a magic intergalactic parrot
perhaps you'll try a cup of tea
for losing weight, it worked for me

although to Atlas i refer
(the weight i carry isn't fur)
beneath a rather heavy world
is this little boy now curled
.nom i friggin love growin carrrrrots 050203
yotipo91 the orange potatoe from underground. pulled against its will but satisfies the owner for it is tasty. yum yum in thy tum. so much better than any sweet potatoe. i love carrots. they are better than your underwear. oh yes. the carrots have appeal. if it wasn't for the attractive green top i would have never met the orange crunchy must-love-to-eat carrot. the almighty in which we praise. the one who will soon overcome the chese or maybe the banana. the monkey really has no chance against the one and almighty carrot. 050909
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