psyki because i'm not. 000828
birdmad me either...

by a damn sight.
lizardqueen only from far away
or too close up
TaterHead ...something i'll never be only on the inside, what does my hottie boyfriend see in me?... 010804
eklektic shut up handsome boy, you are attractive. dont let anyone tell you otherwise. and yes, you will find someone who will realize "you're beautiful" and marry you. 020630
divine madness nothing that compares to that of what truly is of importance;
a soul filled with words and ideas, not worried of outer appearance

attractive is that which stimulates the mind and keeps your mind wandering...
minnesota_chris that sentence should be taken out and shot 040121
ofsuch god i feel bad for being so mean

but how is it that everyone says how cute, hot, and sexy he is when he isn't?

everytime i hear it, i am just like, where? what is sexy cute and hot about him? i don't see it and really never have
i just laugh to myself whenever i hear those kinds of comments
like yeah, right, okay, whatever

now on the inside
that is quite beautiful and attractive

although there were many hot moments, but never because of what he looks like

wow i feel so cruel saying that

so much so that i didn't want to sign this

but hey if i have the balls to write this, i had better have the balls to sign it

my intent is not at all to offend
just have always found it intriguing
what's it to you?
who go