Julie* Those who feed on making people feel the need to kill themselves. Also, look to love. 020328
yummyC gives a fuck goddamn it
yeah its a fucking disease. let them all die let them all die who cares who cares who gives a fuck.
maybe it is annoying to you, but have some fucking decency. just because you think someone is annoying for having this psychological or godknowswhat problem doesnt mean they should die. fuck off.
and im not defending myself, because obviously i'm not dead. but seriously. fuck off fuck the fuck off. UGH.
the Queen of Hearts gosh julie*, just look how popular you have become! it's just like high school all over again, isn't it dear?

now if only you could fix the grammar in that little informed blathe then maybe other people might be able to work out what it is your are trying to rage about.
yummychuckle **or** I'm too lazy to kill myself.
oh the effort. *sigh*

but if i take what you said into an entirely different context, then I think I know what you mean.

if it has anything to do with fate.
Syrope um, actually her grammar's pretty good compared to most of blather...? she didn't say people who wanted to kill themselves were disgusting (i'm assuming those are the people with the elusive "problem" or "disease" being referred to)...but the people who get off making people feel that way...
sometimes i really dont understand people.
squint it disgusts me.

say what you'd like and its all the same, i forget how the beginning goes, and stop hurting so everything can be back in place again.

if your ribs werent there to hurt, it would be your heart.

squint oh please take away what i said earlier in the page, I dont mean it anymore.

(my yummyC stuff)
Chris: the new name for hate let them all die, fuck everyone, if you are going to back down and lean on your mental illness as a crutch, then you should shoot yourself now instead of waste everyones time by turning their caring into black mailing pity, feel the raw emotion as it burns children and take your life while you can, because once you back down to the point of becoming lame, you have failed yourself and are no longer a person already 040118
You are scum. bullshit. i am a person and you can't change that. just because you don't approve. is your opinion the correct one for me? i don't think so. 040216
Nukemall This blathe needs a nice warm neutron bomb.

(I'll run and get the smores fixins)
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