grendel to wound,
then to kill
amy arranging and arranging and arranging
the stars.
if you dropped them, though, and found their natural positions?
blind faith its not healthy i know, but i cant help to just watch as he readys up another hit. How can i be so blind. Falling in love with a guy that only knows how to sucessfully be a drug addict. that night he asked if i wanted some. Ill never forget learning how to shoot up. 010822
poppies in the birdseed the rubber strap around the arm, slap the vein to make it stand out...easy now, not too hot.

the crook of the elbow

memories of hellbound hearts and nerves, fevered imaginings.

mophine opiate

birdmad morphine, even 011019
pSyche BANG! 050319
mr song shoot a fart 070604
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
what's it to you?
who go