typhoid sometimes easier to bite than a shoulder 000201
Nicaragusa point of people. 001206
Boogaloo hit the musical spot and it will tingle quite exquisitely... 001230
paste! this is where i took my first hit of vigilante. in the foyer, many tiles. 011117
the two my mother says they're dirty
but i don't go out of my way
to wash them
since i never really see them
and from my point of view
they're perfectly clean
since everything you don't see
must be spotless
phil today 020729
smeefy least likely spot to be involved in sexual harrassment 040314
bel grow a fucking heart love 040423
caroline 452 hits the musical spot and tingles my ears quite exquisitely. the seldom seen kid. absolute classic masterpiece. 090702
unhinged grounds for divorce

i need that song
what's it to you?
who go