typhoid in a
...her wife Langley, the prophet, and the decentest dozendest short of a frusker whoever stuck his spickle through his spoke, disappeared... from the sourface of this earth... so entirely spoorlessly... as to tickle the speculative to all but opine... that the hobo (who possessed a large amount of the humoresque) had transtuled his funster's latitat to its finsterest interrimost...
moonshine No, but she does love olives. 000821
nocturnal "do you like pickles?"

"I think they stink"

"I luuuuuv 'em"

"my mom makes me eat 'em"

"I'll give you a nickel for a pickle"


I love little rascals. and yes, that is where I got the whole "otay" thing started. we'll talk about the "we got a dolla, we got a dolla, we got a dolla hey hey hey" part at a later date.
casey I always pick them off my mcdonalds cheese burgers 010706
ever dumbening i used to love pickles so much that
1. i would get a jar of those crunchy, baby pickles for my birthday
2. when i had to take liquid penicillin as a child, i would drink some pickle juice afterwards to get rid of that awful taste

cukes in general just rock

United Federal Cucumber Liberation Association Group, Inc.
ever dumbening i almost forgot
we used to call the ups guy the pickle-man when he would drive down our street
ickle pickle or be pickled - that is the L A W of the JAR 020123
C Garner Ribbons of light will soon be flung
The Pickle clan decree the fun
With gracious smiles unto the sun
Swirling, emerging, the spirit is spun
For in a moment the clan is one

Pickle, Pickle, feel my wonder
Your beauty blasts with eternal thunder

I climb your ladder
At the inspiration of your bright ascension
That takes me to your higher dimension
And spirits thunder with love insane
My heart leaps out to say your name!

Spins a tale so fair and free
Of friends and colours a-filled with glee
All dancing with a spritey spree
They lift their heads and come to see!

Stories and legends they weave so swift
Their sparkling souls beyond shall lift
And in a moment sweet and bright
They stomp and sing with all their might
And of a sudden their thoughts disperse
Dancing to the rhythm of the universe
Rhin 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked; If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?' M. Goose
pedro de peeper Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes 021126
nobody special i think that pickle is the funniest word in the english language. pickle just rolls off the tongue... 030325
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