The shy dog wagging its tail between its legs and peering out at the wide world from behind the eyes of its master.
marjorie when life twirls around your fingers
and suddenly tightens
like the string of a kite
that never stops moving in the wind
and will not allow itself to be brought down out of the wind
ac complete thought:
the longing and the love are together the whole. everyone longs for oneness, for true enlightenment, perfection, the time before we were born, the time after we die-assuming that will be blissful oneness. Rumi, the dervish guy, has a poem called Say I Am You. oh, please say I am You.
artists are continually longing for insight into truth always grabbing, can't hold on, grabbing again. the creative process is so momentary...the spark the light.
love- that which comes from inside. the love for world, the people who love me, the people i love, my love for myself, the smiles, the hardship, the art, the beauty. that which says i am alive, and basically I love. the passion. without love, the longing lives in agony.

so, today, just this one day, i am thinking that the longing and the love are todays yin-yang, like the letter of the day on sesame street. i still don't know what motion is.

that's all.
camille Another great thought of *Rumi*

That hurt we embrace becomes joy.
Call it to your arms where it can change. A silkworm eating leaves makes a cocoon. Each of us weaves a chamber of leaves and sticks.
Like silkworms, we begin to exist as we disappear inside that room.

Without legs, we fly.
When I stop speaking, this poem will close in silence more magnificent...

I don't regret how much I love, and I avoid those who repent their passion.

Hundreds of sweethearts!
I am the lover and the one lovers long for. Blue, and a cure for blues, sky in a small cage,

badly hurt but flying
Everybody's scandalous flaw is mine.

whirligirl let's hear it!
Brad apology accepted. 000627
futility keep it locked in a cage
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
5:00PM, friday afternoon
free it, temporarily of course,
let it have a romp around town,
until monday morning when it must retun to its submission.
me Man gets tired
Spirit don't
Man surrenders
Spirit won't
Man crawls
Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies
Man seems
Spirit is
Man dreams
The spirit lives
Man is tethered
Spirit is free
What spirit is man can be

Lyrics: Mike Scott (The Waterboys)
queen of darkness i'm there in spirit...

you know you can feel me there
sandra spit, oh spirit, the taste in my mouth is vile, the sadness comes as an acid, it eats my love and I beg for my spitual pain to cease. I know now it will never cease this yearning for you, even in the face of death I long for your spirit to take some time to love and never leave me in sprit again 050224
sandra Well folks you only get ONE. make good use of it. 050323
hsg a_warm_place 061213
hsg s o
p eace
i s
r eally
i n
t rying
f but if you walk slowly, you will tune in more, if you are rushing like a blue arsed fly everywhere, you might just miss something,

and because you have missed something you will pray to god asking 'him' why you didn't see the beauty in a million stars, a beautiful horizon, a ladybird or a person.
. (don't try, it comes through you) 070612
hsg can i try to not_try

al how is your soul different from you?
i see the word "soul" deployed in a variety of ways in conversations and posts, and it makes me curious about the distinction, if there is one.
lemon soda souls are a collection of experiences and dreams creating a single unit of reality. 211004
daf What ls said..and..

This is a fun question. It's fun because it is being posed by a mind, to other minds.

In many ways, social media is like a horse corral, where the well trained mind/bodies and the poorly or untrained mind/bodies come together and provide examples and feedback for one another. Sometimes for their betterment, sometimes to their detriment.
Ever been on a trail ride? There was always one or a few people who would leave the reins of their horse hanging loose. And where would that horse be as soon as it realized that it could do what it wanted to do? Off the trail, looking for something tasty to munch on. Exploring beyond bored. And you can bet that if there was a willing mare available (and the horse wasn't gelded), it'd be chasing after that urge too, regardless of the rider. At least until that clueless rider grabs the reins. And the longer they take to grab the reins, the more entitled the horse feels to not have the reins grabbed. It will pull back on a weak rider.

The body/brain is much the same. They are sand castles made of mud; one potato, carrot and burger at a time..but animated by what?

It turns out that if we are very disciplined(ie. grab the reins of our mind/body firmly in hand), we can actually SEE that which animates us, looking out through the eyes of everything around us. Drugs aren't involved. Religion isn't necessary. They are only different paths or methods(often tainted to the point of uselessness) which help us learn to take the reins and get the ego to step aside.

Once the mind steps aside, there is no distinction between the ground or your foot. There is no distinction between what is you and what is not you. There are no separate objects. There is only this thing..of which we are a part. And the sense of being an "I" or a "me", vanishes completely.

I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to have experienced this quite by accident. It was hands down the most wonderful sensation of my life. Drugs cannot compare. Unfortunately, my ego did NOT find the prospect of its annihilation pleasant and pulled me back out after about 6 hours of marinating in the "horror" of its nonexistence. (It's been dragging me through the desert by the stirrup ever since.)

We are all connected to the universe by this thing we sometimes call spirit or soul. It's little different than the signals our bodies use to regulate cell behavior. We are specialized organs developed by the universe. Our body/brain/spirit combo suits are witnessing organs.

Think of our egos as the universe's imaginary friends that it invents and forgets so that it can have an internal dialogue with itself. The big bang was no different than the emergence of a time space zygote that's recurred again and again and again. And we're part of that..a limb if you will. Or perhaps an eye would be a better metaphor.

Speaking of metaphors:

In spiritual texts, the donkey or horse symbolizes the ego/urge driven self. Thus when "Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of an ass", it symbolized that his ego was tamed.

Shakespeare said we are all players on a stage. In that metaphor, the life you are living is a character. The spirit/soul within you is the actor, fully aware that it's on a stage, surrounded by characters. We're to play our role with gusto regardless of this knowledge. (And hopefully, pay attention to the off stage direction.)

Unfortunately, society is currently run by horses. Our world is driven by urge, ego and pointless consumption..these are some hallmarks of the horse. (*takes a sip of beer*)

Since horses are driven by urge and consumption, modern society is constantly providing plenty of urges to fulfill and plenty of goods (and bads) to consume. This strengthens the ego mightily; being conditioned into believing that horse ways are the "winning" ways. The more the ego is indulged, the more it feels entitled to that indulgence. This makes it harder to take hold of the reins and give the spirit sway so that the universe can act out its own plot.

The noise of endless thought and constant want makes that very subtle off stage direction difficult to detect, let alone follow. That's why we're counselled to clear our minds. That's why we're counselled to force our body to fast. This is training. It creates an obedient mind/body that can be used for greater purposes than mindless consumption, pointless bickering over physical and ideological space, or breeding more clueless, poorly trained horses.

Sorry for the book. It was a worthy question.

The short answer is, there is no separation..only the ego-induced illusion of it. I am that spirit, that body, that tree, that sky, that star.
lemon soda Good read. Reminds me of Alan Watts. 211005
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