typhoid what blather lacks in spontaneity
it makes up for in its allowance for non_breaking_spaces ( ).
well, this kinda works.. a little..
silentbob Fortunately i got deoderant.

Unfortunately my arm pits were pecked off of my body by rabid birds. The purpose of my deoderant shopping was in vain.


ClairE Did anyone ever read that children's book?

It was rad.

I'd remind you all of the ending but I don't want to give it away.

god conrad brisbane and the ousters ran out of money somewhere between canarsie and lilliput. 020331
Sintina the heart has reasons which reason cannot know. 020523
freakizh i remember that one. i read it in a chicken soup for the soul thingie my aunt gave me. 020523
little fury bug
he didn't remember my name...
he asked me for hers though
lost in my head Unfortunately unfortunately is an very unfortunate word because it can't really be used for good. Go ahead and try, I bet you can't. Another unfortunate thing is that it's spring break, I'm stuck in Tallahasse, and I wish that I was back in Daytona with my friends acting stupid. What's unfortunate is that I went on this trip with a number of elegible guys and none of them think I'm hot. What's unfortunate is that I've necer met a guy who isn't borderline serial killer who does think I'm hot.(And that's true; the one guy who ever thought I was hot is going to be the next Ted Bundy.) Unfortunately(or maybe fortunately), my tirade is over. 050329
apples unfortunately i've lost my sense of reason with the world. i feel like shit every day and in return i get nothing. unfortunately, i woke up today and everything was the same as it always has been. i don't know what i'm doing here, i don't know what i'm doing anywhere. i'm not excited for the future, i don't see how it could possibly get any better. most of the time i hate myself and i think that is rather unfortunate. 060205
debby unfortunately this is the only thing i can do right now to waste time. i'm bored. blah. 070902
Syrope i just don't know if leaving messages saying how concerned you are on my secondary name because you wanted my main name out of your sight are really something i can consider sincere 080517
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