tulpa ...they were two
on fours in the
ontario dust
walked out to the trench
i was 7 years in
about that time

the shots wailed
for hours
to me

it still gets
bright enough
so that i may see
the stain
Anaesthetic After the foaming, and the hydrophobia comes the true understanding of the nature of fluid 010520
anythingbutcryptic when i was little i was scared that all dogs had rabies 080127
deb old things creep again,
muddling my thoughts,
weighing me down..
fury rises once more,
bubbling furiously,
frothing with madness.
How I hate him,
and everything
that was done
to ruin me so.
Will I never be
free of it...?
How I long to forget~
purge it from my mind,
be rid of it.

There is no comfort.
Not for me.
And for that,
I hate you.

You ruined me.
You broke me.
There is no glue
to repair this.
There are no words.
There is only rage.

And tears of fire
flow once more.
what's it to you?
who go