if i could talk id tell you i'm not.

fuck it.
if we could talk this is, it seems, how you goad me on. but it's so beyond question. the only issue that i have is i need to be protected, and so does everybody else...

and if i don't know what to do next, sometimes the -time- it takes to figure it out is more well respected than any stupid thing i could say. perhaps i am trying things out in my head, to see if they are sensitive or correct enough. i think, maybe there are limits to what can be done... don't you think i'm limited?
if we could talk the only main, all-encompassing, really serious issue. 020202
if we could talk and everybody else also has that issue, why should i say that it's their "only" one? exaggeration. but only because the protection thing. 020202
silent storm To whom are you speaking? 020202
werewolf i am a worthy lover.
if you can say it once,
you can say it again.
Power's last necessary
stop is in perception.
If you can meet it there,
you can know no shame.
You can say,
power is a game we play,
and one i often win,
before anything is moved.
You can say to the most jaded
eyes, i am your worthy lover.
I am worthy of what you
have forgotten, never known,
i am worthy of your most,
your fullest, your rapture.
Glory Box You're not.

I never say that.

I can hear the tv from my living room.

If you ask me back I'll say no.

What do you think of that?
sirflaccid At times I feel that I am not. But seeing a smile, and watching the laughter that comes from my corney humor makes me feel so that I am. I love to feel that I am. I have never felt that from anyone. It is so easy yet so hard to feel this way. 020806
Freak I love you........and your corney humor. 020808
Glory Box Am I? 020826
Freak am I worthy of this ridicule and denied acceptance? What gives you worth anyhow? 021029
infatuated i'm not. 021029
Syrope ive worked so fucking hard to be worthy of the chances i've been offered. but it doesn't matter. i see people all around me... who don't and never have tried...getting what i deserve. 021030
what's it to you?
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