typhoid limits of language
from 1 perspective
language is just a method of communication
to express a certain set of fairly complex
informational structures.
it needs structure.
miniver Mentalese,
Computational Theory of Mind,
CinnamonGirl Misjudged your limits
Pushed you too far
Took you for granted
I thought that you needed me more
TalviFatin I hate limits on why affection. Why can't you deal? I need skin-to-skin contact. Open up and you'll see what you've been missin. I'm so much more vervacious and foxy when I know I have no limitations. Let me free. 010724
randy meisner put me on a highway 011217
paste! where we can't find the horseradish. ahem, even the largest of horseplanes, much less the horse itself, get lost here. and arms, we are the arm. not the arm, but the arms. i'm on fire, find sand. 011217
phil if I wake up tomorrow
on a head full bloomed in sorrow
blown sands
replaced emptiness

star ship bringing black horizons
dark dipped in the dew of the sea
to burn away the cast on my thoughts

as I drop the bottle, the bottom
casts light up to me

sail on into darkness
sail off to a sea
tenderness or sweet caress
kookaburra "Please eliminate a few lines of your masterpiece, as our limit for a poem is 21 lines long"
so fuckin what that my poem is 40 lines long! that extra 19 lines wouldnt kill you. and my poem would be nothing without those last 19 lines!!!
is a mad little birdie
Perception 120620
jackie "pistachio chip" mc cracken Quantum_entangled_gazpacho is everywhere you want to eat it, but not where you least expect it. Tell your turtles not to smoke over there by the mayonnaise. The reasons will be self_evident around the time that Grandpa emerges triumphant from the oatmeal_closet.

What are all these rabbits doing in my pants? Is this Tuesday?
unhinged listening to you talk about how awesome your new chick is may be exactly why i usually don't stay friends with exes

at this point in my life, i don't need any more blows to my self_esteem
what's it to you?
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